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  1. I'm curious, what kind of stuff are we talking about? The cosmetics, titles, and such that are available in the Kickstarter, or just copies of the game? It'd be awesome to know a little more about it, because as of now I'm sticking with the $15 tier to get a copy of DD1 for a friend of mine, but I still would like some of the stuff from the higher tiers.
  2. I really hope they do, although I don't have an ultrawide at the moment, I do have plans to upgrade soon. I also feel like any game made as of late should have full 21:9 support regardless, especially with the traction ultrawides are gaining.
  3. Hopefully they do intend to keep it on Steam, I'd love to support this game as the first is definitely a personal favorite of mine. Though If they decide to launch it as an Epic exclusive, I'm going to have to pass, that launcher is way too shady for my tastes.
  4. you can add me too. i can help you guys. Added on Steam :)
  5. Hey, if its okay, i'd like to join, I would give you the Cupid pet, I just need the achievement for it. Thanks!
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