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  1. 1st: 219 crysknife. Best: 250 shaitan. Total over 200^: 4
  2. Yeah these are the issues I had hosting the first 8 matches. Everyone signed up but then never responded or wouldn't switch games. Did you give the weapon to here already?
  3. Who was the third person in the event
  4. Thanks again for helping out. In the morning I will give you the chain gear, 199^ oc. And 112^ fairy
  5. By the way scoot, I hope the transaction with smooth since I was on the phone with her trying to explain what to do and that wasn't going so smooth.
  6. The wildcard was going to be whoever was on at the time if the event. I couldn't get 3 on at once 2 weekends in a row so I was moving on to the finals.
  7. change of thought, I will talk to scoot and see if he would be willing to host. He can probably be on when most of you can and I would trust him to hold on to the items. I would think with some of the items he got from me he would be willing to do this in return. (now that I put the pressure on him)
  8. wow this suck. this is the only weekend i cant do it. Im heading back home for friday saturday and sunday what is the earliest you can get on during the weekdays?
  9. how about today at 8:45 PM CST? you forget I CAN NOT be on in the evening during the weekdays either in the morning or on the weekend. if you have to work or have to go to school get up early and make it 5:30am CST. Or we will set a time for Saturday/Sunday and if your not on you will forfeit.
  10. yeah this is too hard getting everyone on at once. I need to make a time frame lets just say 12pm central time on Saturday. If I do hear from anyone I will assume this works otherwise you will need to purpose a new time.
  11. you can always get a different pet for towers or hero damage, put it all into pet damage. Hope you have lots of mana, my chicken was 95^ and the last upgrade cost 24,000,000
  12. better watch out trendy will give you a welcome back point if you talk about this
  13. If everyone wants to get this done this week let me know what time you can be on to do the final round. I am usually on in the morning but I can change it if needed. I can not be on any later then 6:30pm cst m-f
  14. got a couple of matches done last night. For Saturday I wont be on till late afternoon, if possible try to be on sometime after that to join the event. Thanks and Good Luck
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