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  1. Mine was 500k as well. I remember it took forever to get ascension 1. I almost thought something was glitched. After that for some reason the ascension levels started melting away and I'm 20 now.
  2. How the game sits now im curious as to which character I should buy and learn. I currently build with squire and monk and huntress dps for me. Never really been a fan of the apprentice in dd2. Is ev2 or abyss Lord good for building currently. My daughter wants the girl with snakes but she doesn't really look like my jam
  3. Cool. My psn trakaar. Been learning how others are setting up. I can shoot stuff with the best of them
  4. I bought the defender pack and remember buying the collector upgrade when it finally released on my old ps4. Re-dl the game on my new ps4 last week and can't remember what the bonus were. I also can't find the history of my purchases now that the game is out. Lesson learned, I guess don't delete my email receipts.
  5. Thanks, ill go try to mooch some c1. Last time I played I used huntress/monk electric as the primary. Guess I need to move my booster to the flame aura. Don't think I've much used that one
  6. I'm in a similar boat to OP. Came into the forums to see what everyone else was doing. Returning player after long hiatus. Game is completely different now. Have 4 level 50's with sub 50 gear. Can't seem to defeat chaos levels and campaign is dropping low level gear. Can't figure out this ascension. Got around 10 matches and still level 1.I was thinking i should be getting some kind of reward but i guess i'm not playing right. i think i'm only getting like 4k ascension per match on the campaign hards i can beat. sound right?
  7. Thanks trendy. there's many of us who are grateful that your continuing to support and host these events on consoles. please keep it up. sorry to pb331979 who was in my lobby and got dc'd from the group after the match but before the xpsplosion.
  8. Brad Fox PSN ID: Trakaar will be on after work 6:30pm+
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