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  1. You're not banned if you just lost the game.
  2. Could easily make these spheres unique types and use the exact same scaling schema as they will be implementing for item power. Then it will scale on the exact same curve as their item power algorithm without any exponential deviations. I honestly think they wouldn't have that kind of problematic oversight after the fun with megaboots haha
  3. *If the level cap is raised I do understand the intent, it's just a bit of oversight that there isn't any progression past the static max you get available. The issue is there is no scalability in existence past the point you acquire your sphere. They are available to you at 25, but there's 25+,25++ and Incursion modes that require exponentially more stats. We are currently at 2 levels of difficulty, there is one level of said spheres. Adding some with multipliers like I illustrated is an easy and pragmatic solution with the new item power system they've been discussing.
  4. Change most Skill Sphere stats to multipliers, not static numbers <-- tl;dr A mix of both would be nice actually. Essentially rather than just having a small sphere with +100 Defense power (strongest when you're first able to get it, but gets weaker from that point forward) add scalable ones 1.20x or +20% Total defense power (weakest when you first get it, stronger as you gain defense power on gear) For people that hate simple math: 100 DP from items + 100 DP from sphere = 200 <-- way better (66% greater) 100 DP from items + 20% DP from sphere = 120 1000 DP from items + 100 DP
  5. Clearly a troll thread but I thought I'd mention a couple things for some perspective: The heroes all have 4 fingers - thus they are all either maimed or not human. The heroes aren't children anymore - I mean look at the squire. That guy is more ripped than most 20+ year-olds in their prime brolifting stages. Without some freak genetics you'll never see anyone under 16-20 with that kinda body. We don't actually know their age - nuff said If you're gonna get pissy about something, gripe about the lack of equal gender ratios in the game or something tangible lol. At the very least d
  6. I re-read your post and I think I misinterpreted what you were getting at. Maybe a TL;DR for clarity?
  7. To some extent I actually don't agree with you on a point. Difficulty garnering greater rewards is already a game mechanic, grinding to be able to do these higher difficulties is an existing standard within DD series that likely isn't going to go away. In all the classic DD versions your rewards increased relative to the difficulty. This is really just a feature that gives a reason to deviate from the norm and likely necessitate the use of your hero to maximize your possible reward. It is intended to be something greater to achieve when you'd otherwise just afk grind and pray to RNG. I've
  8. A higher reward is something to keep players aiming for something and maintain a sense of progression rather than afk grinding. I'd also like to point out that this will have no real impact on players that satisfied with the inherent rewards, they are completely free to continue doing the same thing as always.
  9. Draco, you are spot on where I'd like that balance point to be. Having a threshold (even if it's just diminishing returns rather than a static cut-off) would be a solid way to keep people from going overboard with it and potentially ruining any chance at actually completing a run. I would say that this "OP" play-style you're voicing concerns over will happen regardless. People will gravitate toward what works and use patently superior builds/towers/itemization over inferior ones. Incentives and bonuses will not really have much of an effect on this behavior - it's something that can only
  10. On that note I'd say offer experience and gold rewards for max DU and item drop rate/quality for lower DU :)
  11. Nothing complex there, just an incentive to build efficiently and encourage people to do more with less - as well as a small risk vs reward decision.
  12. At the moment, in the 25++ stages of the gem most people opt to only run medallions and grind for a drop that contains a couple notable passives with defense power/speed primary stats. Totems are neglected entirely for the most part and rings probably get situational usage at best. I personally like the general usefulness of the medallion, the totem and ring could be tweaked to be equally desirable. Below I'll present some decent starting points to both make the relics more in line with each other, then suggestions for their abilities. Static Passives/Activatables rather than Static Stats
  13. I believe letting the community have some creative input will help with player interest/retention. The example I'll point too is Dota 2, they basically had their art department draft up a guideline based on their own internal policies for tech specs (polygon count, UVs, color schema, lore viability etc) and periodically released hero models for players to use as reference. Their guide can be viewed here: http://www.dota2.com/workshop/requirements You could use the community voting like they do in the workshop, or even use the influence system you've recently created to be part of the approva
  14. There are some great talents, and some that are so patently inferior that it's a bit detrimental to drop any points into them. There are some weapon/armor/trinket effects that far overshadow available talents and add are clear game changers, the downside being you have to grind and pray to the RNG gods to obtain them. To that effect I'd like to suggest putting some of these item effects as talents, and gear item effects toward increasing the talents (for example, pushing past diminishing returns). Additionally maybe have a pool of 'general' talents available to all classes for some interes
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