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  1. On survival or PS you get a generic fairy with the stats of one for lvl 20. I dont remember getting anything for beating sky city but I do remember you get 3 items from crystalline. A weapon, an armor, or a pet. Sometimes it is all 3 armors or another mix of the three. I never pulled anything great from either of these maps. Just wanted to be able to say it is possible. If you want a challenge try Aquanos PS on any difficulty higher than medium. The rewards are crap, but to me it is one of the more difficult maps to build. It is the only PS map that I havent beat on Insane.
  2. There is a build using auras, traps and a few magic blockades. It works about 90% of the time and you only have to worry about one crystal. I have did Insane + Sky City solo several times. The rewards for completion suck other than having access to crystalline on insane plus
  3. Can anyone tell me what the mistymire weapons were before the patch? And if anyone has one of the weapons laying around, I would love to have one of each for my "Tavern of Old Treasures".
  4. sweet thanks guys ill be on here in a few
  5. I'm interested in the arronax and the cryknife for lvl 74 if they are still available. msg me on what you would be looking for.
  6. I was gonna say Slugterra or Max Steel
  7. Had the greatest time. Gamerjunkee was a great host. Cant wait for more events
  8. darylindev psn id 12-2 pm also my friends would like to join almost_got_you on all day mdrasta on all day
  9. yeah buuddyPsn id is darylindev 12 - 3 EDT is when I'll be on
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