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  1. If you mean weapon drops, then yes they start dropping quicker and earlier than armour on definitely drop on Sky City. As they are random weapons, you may get lucky on campaign Tavern Defense, I got ultimate weps even on Insane. If you can do Akatiti, even better, you'll get one of the best weps in the games. For armour I've done a few Sky City runs, not a lot and found one supreme but mostly I get some trans. Agreed KG is definitely best for armour, mob count is very high and a lot of trans drop, found an ultimate too but it is also a lot harder, I'm still having issues completing it.
  2. Does anyone have a screenshot of the Sup / Ult seahorse that exist? I'm curious to see it's stats.
  3. Absolutely, two things I hate is scouring shops randomly and then forgetting which ones I have visited and which I haven't just to find specific items. I also hate setting up shops, have never done so due to the requirement you need to let the game run or you can't do anything is just..well not great.
  4. So are you saying IT IS POSSIBLE to get above Trans on Cats just rare? So a supreme cat can be found? Hmm maybe good reason to continue farming Sky City.
  5. So as the title suggests, why is it you can only get upto a Trans prop cat but apparently you can get Sup/Ult on seahorses given that Aqua is a lower map than Sky?
  6. Hey Guys, So two questions really, has anyone managed to figure out ways to change the item indicators for myth, trans, sup, ult items from the default to something more visible? And secondly if someone has found a way, will this be allowed in Ranked? I personally find it a pain sometimes to spot trans+ items on mini-map. Like the other day, I almost did not see a supreme item on the floor, just by pure luck my mouse hovered and I spot it. It made me think, have I missed out on sup and ult (with it's silly dark blue) items like this? Some maps like Sky City are the worst, can be very hard to spot Supreme and green upgrade as they fall on bright areas or on the big cluster of defences.
  7. My stats are about the same as yours and I actually find Sky City survival easier than King's Game, although perhaps it's because I try KG on Mixed Mode. I've yet to actually beat KG on NMHCMM, furthest I've got is wave 29. Anyway, this is the build that I use on complete Sky City (non mix): http://ddplanner.com/?l=16239,sky-city-nmhc-survival It's based on Commish's build (his video guide) and works really well, even with 4 chars (3 AFK, 1 active Summoner flash healing). On the odd occasion I have lost due to gold wyverns 1 hitting the South crystal, but this happens maybe 1 in 20 tries. For Sky City Campaign, I use a ever so slightly tweaked build by MadeInLondon: Wave 1: http://ddplanner.com/?l=11424,sky-city-campaign-nmhc-w1 Complete build (my tweak): http://ddplanner.com/?l=16060,sky-city-campaign-nmhc Complete build (MadeInLondon): http://ddplanner.com/?l=11420,sky-city-campaign-nmhc North: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/938127448184334739/FD21206E0807BE230D8068A1C423C731F8BC467C/ East: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/938127448184336366/0D6CE49790DD3BC663A5465D75CFAD3351EFE29D/ South: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/938127448184332425/9B0C581363C696AF0A2A325BB6DB3B3E9982506A/ The only hard part is building everything in time during the build phases, but a little practise makes it trivial. The boss is difficult on Hardcore mode as it's easy to fall and die. This seems to be a good build, I just have trouble on the south crystal, sure I can't upgrade anything at all on the south crystal? Will Djinns get it as soon as I upgrade anything?
  8. Well I have 1.7-1.8k range I think on my aura's, don't have much problems killing things but the problem is I couldn't see what was hitting it. I am using the single crystal build, I think i'll move my aura's a bit further to the left and right or try and see next time where the archers are hitting it from. Wyverns won't launch a fireball at the crystal will they?
  9. Man that is quite awkward, happens mostly on the south crystal so I'll try the reflect beams, very briefly once happend on the north crystal too but it was so little I let it go. So basically it could be an archer? I did see wyverns flying above, but none were attacking unless some wyverns can do ranged damage...
  10. Hey guys, Doing NMHC survival on Sky City and I noticed the south crystal started to get damaged but I couldn't see what was hitting it... This seemed to happen after wave 20, I lost because of it. At wave 22, I noticed a spider got close hit it but wave 23, I stared at it from phase shift mode and there was nothing there but it was still getting damaged... ? What is it? Spiders that I can't see? Anyone notice this before? If so how do you stop it, I don't even know what it is
  11. Really? You don't get accesories or random drops like the KG and Temple? Man I remember doing Temple and getting like Supreme, Trans and Ultimate random drops on just Insane. That's disappointing to hear, like really disappointing.
  12. Hey Guys, So I'm quite far off being able to do CD NMHC but it piqued my interest on what kind of drops people find and are given at the end for doing it? A lot of trans? Maybe supreme and ultimates common?
  13. 1.5k really? Hmm i'm not quite sure, the problem I find are the ogres rather than the trash mobs which the gas traps don't work on them if I'm right? then again the builds I've seen none of them really cover the crystal properly so later waves, one ogre somehow still finds it's way a little too close to the crystal and boom 1 or 2 hits and crystal gone. Sky City I've just been a bit wary of ppl saying drops going missing through the holes.
  14. Most of the ones in forums seems to be for around 3k ish stats which I don't have I'm between 1.8-2.6k. Sky City yeah? Hmm I'll give that a go but I need to do NM Campaign first. How much harder is it compared to Aqua?
  15. Hey Guys, So I can complete Aqua NMHC Survival but struggle on KG after wave 21 ish. Is there an in-between map that is easier than KG but drops better than Aqua? Or maybe my strategy in KG is wrong, usually get done by ogres coming from north and smashing my crystal...
  16. Have you tried recently? I can imagine bad luck but this happened to me for about 9-10 waves on almost half of the chests, I got amazing, powerful and godly. Myth and Trans was the lowest... seems stange
  17. Hey Guys, I noticed an issue that a lot of chests in KG NMHC survival drop a lot of crap items below godly level, is that normal or is this something happening recently? I've noticed this even on waves of 15+ Aquanos doesn't seem to have this issue so I'm wondering if it just KG? Thanks
  18. I know this has been mentioned but I think we need a single topic to highlight this as an important feature. I would like to see a centralized market place where you can ideally be able to find the items your looking for by maybe using filters and searches for any particular items. We should not have to exit and join another game when we know exactly what we want. Any other suggestions regarding marketplace please feel free to add.
  19. Hi, Can I suggest that the amount of mana we can hold is increased by say 4x or more than we can hold or can we let mana stay on the floor without it dissappearing, including at the end of the wave? This is particularly important for NM Survival modes as so much mana goes to waste which could have been used to upgrade. So in DD2 for Tower Defense mode, can this be looked at? I think no mana should should dissappear until the next wave has started. It would also be great if even if it is just for NM mode, increase the mana we can hold by say 5-10x This is really for convenience due to the large amount of mana that comes out in these modes. Thanks
  20. So looks like I don't have Aqua done on NM campaign, would appreciate some help, can't seem to find any grgroups. Thanks
  21. Ah brilliant, so the later waves give more mana, that makes sense, which means I can I start Misty much later, wave 8 was indeed very hard, not enough mana to do much and mobs were a bit too many. I think I need to check for Aquanos, I don't think I have done it on NM campaign yet only Insane... I'll double check. So it seems like the sooner you can jump to Aqua/KG the better if early waves = late waves of Misty. Thanks for the tip, I've never had a goods seahorse, a few I got from joining parties were quite bad on stats, guess bad luck.
  22. Hey guys, So I've been starting to farm Misty NM HC survival, usually can make it to wave 26+. I am mostly farming armour and have stats in the region for 1-2k, my main builders summoner, monk and squire are 1.5k - 2kish. Hardly get much trans, some decent myths, wondering if it's worth jumping over to Aqua or KG for armour or is the difficult spike vs the gains not worth it with my stats? Thanks P.S This is a bonus question but I can hardly start beyond wave 7 of Misty due to not enough mana for a decent build, I heard there were guides that start at like wave 18+ can someone point me to these? I haven't seen them, is there some trick to getting extra mana apart from the pets/shrooms?
  23. Right so misty is actually easier? That's what I was trying to figure out, some people were telling my Misty became harder than Aquanos because of sharkens so got confused on that. Thanks guys, I'll stick to Misty, my aura's are about the same but my Summoner isn't quit there yet... but getting it there.
  24. Hey Guys, Having broken into NM, I'm trying to now basically get better gear either good myths or trans (I bought my current set). The question is the best place to farm, my main builder is a squire with 900/1.2k/400/1k. I do have a summoner, monk and ev as well to help. Now while I realize my stats are not that great, I am hoping to do with some friends. so the question is where to farm and I am being told mixed stuff from different people, some say Misty others say Aquanos is now easier and better due to sharkens in Misty and I'm hearing a lot of mixed opinions. So just for those experienced with regards to the latest patchse, which should I be spending my time on? Thanks
  25. Ah so effectively near end game, a countress builder isn't actually required? It's something I started to suspect but hoped not to be true, since he was my first char and I just got him to lvl 78. I did play DD in the past so I guess I have old news about trap/aura nerfs. I have an EV (Pure THealth + Tdmg only), a Summoner, a Monk (DPS) and a Countress. So what you guys are saying is that I can, drop my Countress or I should drop him and replace with Aura + Traps instead to succeed in nightmare? I guess tower buffs work even better here since the Aura and Traps are so huge.
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