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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought our fullscreen windowed mode has had this issue for awhile before the patch. Were you seeing it cover the taskbar before this patch? Can anyone else confirm? On my Windows 7 machine, this problem appeared after the patch. I can't say for my Windows 10 machine however, since I never tried playing the game on that one before this patch.
  2. (quoting for attention) Any comment to the above posts?
  3. Did you change something this patch related to fullscreen windowed mode? After downloading this patch, the taskbar doesn't go away: http://i.imgur.com/SVcaS7w.jpg Tried on 2 different PCs (same steam account), same problem on both.
  4. Couldn't agree more. The loot system in DD1 was excellent. The loot system currently implemented in DD2 is trash, straight up. Trendy should've been focusing on fixing the problems that DD1 had, not screw with what made it great.
  5. If? Who programmed the game, TrendE or some entity who is no longer present? They have been discussing wipe or re-roll for several weeks now, perhaps they need to talk to their own programmers and get an answer instead of trolling the community. you're talking conversions of already existing data, there's a whole S storm of things that can happen you need to plan for. Time taken to complete, fail safes incase something happens mid run, what exactly are you going to change and how are you planning on doing it. Running them in-house is one thing doing it with live data is something very different and you only get 1 shot at it. There's no magical switch you can just flip. Well that's not true. If it doesn't work even after testing it on a private realm, you can just restore a backup. They will obviously have taken the game offline before attempting anything.
  6. I haven't played at all (except daily quests) since I found out wipe was a possibility... So please Trendy, whether you've decided to roll gear, wipe gear, wipe everything, or you don't know - please give us an update on the current situation.
  7. A complete wipe is just a dumb idea. If a re-roll isn't possible, just auto-sell all pre-patch gear that is affected by the new changes. Preferably while at the same time refunding the gold spent upgrading said gear.
  8. For some reason the xp counter to unlock the oathkeeper sleeve stays at 0/7000000 despite having amassed over 1.5 million xp since I unlocked Seargent Sleeve... I've tried to gain xp both having the Defense Sleeve (basic) and the Seargent Sleeve, however neither of them work...
  9. As a DD1 veteran who recently started playing DD2, can I just ask what the f is the point of passive flat stats? Things like monk tower range being a passive makes absolutely no sense to me. In the first game you had 4 tower stats you wanted: Damage, rate, HP, range. The first two stats are basically the same if you think of it as DPS. If you go through with this change in DD2, you'll basically have THREE stats that are basically the same thing - DPS, and only HP as a stat that does something else. Not to mention that critical chance by definition introduces more luck and less skill to the game. I thought that making the sequel would actually diversify things, not remove good mechanics...
  10. What I did in DD1 was start a private game, build everything, then change it to a public game so people could join.
  11. Hi there. I joined the Playverse beta in may 2013, however I didn't like the MOBA at all (it actually made me sea-sick while playing), so I didn't play much. However now that they scrapped it, I'm very excited to play DD2! My problem is that it seems my Playverse account has been deleted (without an email notification). So my question is, did they prune all "MOBA" closed beta accounts from Playverse? :(
  12. It would be great if we could buy all the content available at launch for the price of a regular game (e.g. 40-50 euros) and then later added content would be available through microtransactions. However, we all know Trendy is a business and not a charity. They were well aware of how the F2P business model works - it's a heartless extortion aimed at loyal customers to squeeze as much money out of them as possible - and so are we. I've also mentioned this before - when we've already paid for certain heroes in DD1, it's kind of unfair that they'll just re-use basically 90% of them and make us pay for them again. That's why I suggested that people who own heroes in DD1 should get the same heroes for free (or at a reduced price) in DD2. It won't happen, of course, as it is a business after all.
  13. Any idea if it stacks with strength drain and ensnare aura?
  14. For coals, you can't know if they are valid. For Mk2s, you can upgrade it in Open mode and see if the value increases. If it's legit, it will not change from 400 million. Some hacked Mk2s also lack a description.
  15. andyness

    Item Check Thread

    Acquired my first perfect pet rock. I have no idea about the mana values on them so can someone check it?
  16. [[3915,hashtags]] I was gonna come up with something clever... but there's no point, as this will easily beat everything! Very good.
  17. andyness

    Item Check Thread

    Unrelated to the above post, I think this thread may have outplayed its role by now. Most the items that are posted lately are ridiculously dubious (funny how there are so many double and triple cap diamonds out there!) There's not really a practical difference between a 450^ dps sparus with -50 tower hp or +400. One may pass item check, while the other not - yet both are 99 % surely hacked. I suggest only trading with people you know, people you trust and/or people who a friend can vouch for. (I apologize if this is not the place to discuss it, but since the thread is not really hectic I thought it may be okay.)
  18. andyness

    Item Check Thread

    Ironic? He means that Ultimate monkeys are game possible, but the chance of getting one is so ridiculously low it's basically one in a billion. As for the ult set, isn't one of the pieces missing a quality tag? More specifically the helmet.
  19. Aw man... I used the "register" button at the top of the page within hours of this new site coming out... now I realize it doesn't actually work?
  20. 1. Both ranged and melee is viable. If the weapon has a high melee (generic damage) base, and is big, it could be a good melee weapon. If it's small and has a high ranged base, that's good too (although it's VERY important that the weapon has additional projectiles.) 2. It's random.
  21. I definitely agree. Playing old maps with new defenses would be awesome.
  22. 4. Duping and glitches. How will this be handled if in-game currency is to be purchased with real money, and some players find a way to dupe mana and buy everything without paying at the expense of everybody who does pay? (...) 6. Will this be an online-only game? How would a person not lose progress on a character they have not yet purchased unless it was saved server side? Will there be offline play, LAN play and solo play for all characters? From the DunDef facebook status update, everything will be server-side. I'm guessing they are going to introduce an Open mode similar to DunDef1. If they don't, they're really passing up on a great modding community and everyone who plays offline. I project it will be very similar to DD1, only everything in "Ranked" will be server-side which disables mana hacks, stat hacking and item duping (which was confirmed by the status update).
  23. It would be a really nice gesture from Trendy if they gave people who own DD1 all the original heroes for free (monk, huntress, squire, apprentice). It's not likely, however. Trendy Entertainment is a business, and by giving four heroes for free to thousands of players owning DD1, they would essentially pass up tens of thousands of dollars. Let's keep in mind, though, even Activision(!) gave away the map "Terminal" for free when they ported it from MW2 to MW3. I would actually be inclined to get all the original heroes AND the DLC heroes we have already paid for. It would seem kind of odd and unfair that Trendy just re-uses the hero ideas and sells them to you over again.
  24. [quote]22. How will purchasing in-game heroes/items work? At the current stage of development, there is a single in-game currency that you can earn or purchase to buy items and heroes in game.[/quote] It won't FORCE you to purchase the heroes for real-life currency, but I'm guessing it will take a lot of time to farm enough to buy all the heroes (by design, of course). Here's my take from reading various threads and the FAQ: There will be 2 currencies (even though the Q&A I quoted says "a single in-game currency", hear me out). I think by "(...) to buy items and heroes in-game" actually refers to customization items and heroes, not items like armor and weapons. The reason I believe this is that if it wasn't like that, and there would be only 1 currency for everything (buying items from other players, buying heroes, customization items, you name it) and you were able to purchase this currency, it would essentially become a Pay2win game. And a pay2win game is something Trendy explicitly has stated they are not making. tl;dr One currency for trading/upgrading gear (e.g. mana) which will be farmable Another currency for buying heroes and customization items (skins?), which will be farmable AND purchasable. Obviously this is my opinion based on various sources of information. My opinion is in no way official, and the information in the FAQ or admins' posts are not even necessarily final.
  25. Very good and important post, and we (the players) can't possibly stress this enough - regardless how tempting it may be to charge for maps - don't! Playing together with friends is a CORE element in this game. I would never have played 800 hours in DD1 without my friends, in fact I would have quit after 2 hours. If we can't beat the maps together because not everyone has bought all the maps, we're simply going to play some other game together. Heroes are fine. Accessories are fine. Skins are fine. Maps are not.
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