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  1. Okay, this does not work after winning. But since I got stuck after winning I think it should be usable there too.
  2. Thanks. So weird I couldn't find it in control options.
  3. I got a weird bug: after respawning I couldn't walk or do anything I just got stuck in the air. I couldn't open a victory chest. Indeed, this is a bug and should be fixed. However, one can't always be sure the bug is gone. So, the solution can be simple: suicide button which could help in such situations. P.S. Sorry, no screenshots, I just spawned with 0 hp but did not respawn again. After victory I got full hp but still couldn't move.
  4. I think that level should be attached not to character but to classes.
  5. Well, i just want to say that mythical & legendary items are only stronger random versions of common items. In most games such items are very powerful, have fixed stats, unique powers & are difficult to obtain. And I think that it's right. Just... what I'm suggesting: 1. Class-binded (only for wizard, knight etc.) fixed (clarified in next paragraph) mythical/legendary armor and utilities (instead of trivial totems or rings). 1.1. Fixed type mythical items (let's say "frost sorcerer", "knight-defender"...) with preferred stats and bonuses. E. g. preferred stats for frost wizard could be
  6. The truly terrible thing about this, and I've noticed it pretty often, is that people tend to expect one person to build. How often do you see a team of co-operative players all building together ot get the job done? Not often. Really, it is pretty unlikely you'll ever find a decent situation on a open pub without building it all yourself, or someone building it all at once. I guess people just don't co-operate well, and it is a real shame. Now, the bright side of this is that you can see so rather nice games where you solo build with good DPs, and everything goes smoothly. Althought not m
  7. If there we'd know formulas of special attacks' multipliers...
  8. The project they are currently working is is Not DD2. That has been confirmed Usually companies made another projects before sequels, have never seen sequel right after some game.
  9. Just so long as you don't use certain traps like proxies or ethereal. Then they'll never repair anything else and repair too slowly to even keep up with those traps. I needn't, 1k trap hp stat is ~240 explosions on 5 lvl prox. But on some maps stupid enemies stuck and my auras fast lose their hp.
  10. In this game not only building tactics important, also important to stay alive while you are defending core on 1st wave, while you are running from one core to 2nd, 3rd etc.
  11. even the best guardians cap at 40 boost 90 range so its not real worth it to farm high end one and usually the high end ones also come with 200-300 negatives in 2-6 stats Saw guardian with all positive 100-400 stats.
  12. If in CD our heroes also were crystalline powered...
  13. I've seen some ppl with 3-4k+ stats and they put defences without any strategy on original NMHC surv maps. But i don't think, that such method is better than 1,5k stats builder with good tactic.
  14. Kind of new to PC. What are the advantages/disadvantages to upping something on open? And if it's beneficial, how do you do it? And where do they get mana in open?
  15. What about basic damage multiplier? So, ultimate core drop staff is much worse, than these staves if they'd same damage stat.
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