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  1. So I uninstalled it once, and it worked. That said, it started up again. So I did what you suggested and it gets 1 file that needs to be updated, but wont' because of "disk write error" So I uninstalled it again, and reinstalled it onto a different drive and still gets the same issue, meaning "disk write error"
  2. get this message upon trying to start the game. Was working fine last night, but bought the chromatic dlc, and now it doesn't work. Not sure if it's related.
  3. Strangely, the latest update says that the chase camera has been brought back, yet in the options menu there doesn't seem to be a way to access it, and in just playing around on the screen in the tavern, I don't see a way to access it either
  4. You should watch the new tutorial :P. You can now flick the right side of the screen up or down to zoom in and left or right to change the camera. The new zoomed in isn't chase camera, but since the camera controls are now more accessible our testers have found it much easier to navigate. For me, the game is unplayable without a chase camera. While I appreciate the work the testers do, I don't agreewith them at all.. A chase camera option is needed back in the game
  5. What happened to the chase camera? Without it, at least for me, the game is unplayable because movement and bizarre camera movements really mess up everything
  6. Hey, new to the game. Since there is no in game chat, how do you go about determining a price?
  7. So you have taken your back up .Dun and .Bak and moved them onto your device replacing the original .Dun and .Bak? Yeah. Replace both bak and dun files. So not sure what's going on. Edit: using a xoom if it makes a difference edit2: just noticed that the files on my computer are 12kb. but for some reason, when i drag and drop them onto the dundef file to overwrite, they revert to 11.1k file (which seems to be the original file size) edit3: 11.1 seems to be the original file size. So somehow I saved the 2 files onto my comp and they reverted to the original version? not even sure if
  8. not sure what happened, but I lost my characters. I had a backup file, but when I used the backup file, the characters are still gone. edit: I used the backup the 2 files on my computer and just dropped them in and copied over the previous files. Did I miss a step?
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