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  1. PSN Deathdarrian13 :) please and thanks
  2. I would like to know if anyone would like to do a run on the crystalline dimension with me. Me and a friend can make it to the Apprentice and then we wipe out. but im sure someone on here knows some good builds and strats for the other places. so if your interested can you please help out. i also want to get the weapon for that place too. because i heard it is pretty good. :D even if its just a collectors item to me when i do get it.
  3. Name: Darrian PSN- DeathDarrian13 Time- 3:40pm EDT
  4. Is there anyone willing to help me out on an Aquanos Run? maybe so i can get a beast Depth Charge for my 78 Huntress. my friend attempted to give me his old 1 but for some reason it dissappeared after the trade and i lost my best weapon so. if you would like to help. add Deathdarrian13. my DPS huntress is pretty good
  5. If anyone has 1 they dont want that would be nice too. but if anything i would love to have some help on getting it from the challenge
  6. I need some challenges done.. 2 more ill post in a bit
  7. Name: Darrian :summoner: PSN: Deathdarrian13 Im on at anytime. [Mountain Time]
  8. Thank you guys for your help. i will add you and hoipe to adventure with you guys in time. :D
  9. :huntress: Poison -70 I am mainly using my huntress at the time to get most of the challenges done cause she has a strong gun. so if anyone is interested i would love the help. and if there is anything you have that you dont want i will gladly accept.
  10. I am looking for some help on completing a hefty amount of levels on either hard or insane. also so i can get better weapons, armor & pets. cause im still usin stuff ive acquired back when i was level 60. A fair amount of my characters are all at that stalling point. level 70. so if you could help me out that would be very nice. PSN: Deathdarrian13 :apprentice: 70 :huntress: 71 :squire: 71 :monk: 70 :squire: tower-70
  11. Deathdarrian13 PS3 Im looking for help on levels so i can get some of my characters higher leveled and so i can get some better weapons,armor and pets. I really could use the help because when i join people online they always kick me off.. just before we finish it. Attack Squire- 70 DPS Huntress- 71 Attack Monk- 70 Attack Apprentice- 70 Tower Squire- 70
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