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  1. well your problem is your trying to get legendary for other classes as a huntress. the game drops you legendaries depending on the class you are using so its less frustrating getting a legendary and finding out its for a class you do not use. the only time i think its not like this is when your fighting betsy in the wyvern den. reason being is my friend as a squire got a bow instead of a shield or sword from betsy when we killed her but that may have been just bad luck.
  2. never mind i found the uber it shows in the trinkets section and needs to be opened in order for it to show that you have it.
  3. im not sure if anyone else has been able to but today i got the 60 tokens needed to buy my uber element sphere from the adventurer. i was so happy that i had enough so as anyone would do i went straight to the adventure and bought the sphere. when i go to equip it i noticed its not there i just spent 60 wyvern tokens to get nothing. i went back to the aventurer and it shows that i can still buy it but all im only left with 4 tokens since i already paid 60 wyvern tokens and did not recieve my uber. so anyone who reads this be careful buying uber since im not sure if they are bugged. but if anyo
  4. im also another questions are you able to get gems through just playing the game or are they only available by buying them?
  5. hi im a dungeon defenders fan from when i played the game on ps3 and i loved it and have been waiting for it on the ps4 since they announced DD2 on ps4. my question is what are gems and what are they used for? since the game is coming out on ps4 tomorrow but they have different packages to buy a 15$ 25$ and a 80$(i think cant remember correctly) and the only differences that are really interest me are the gem differences you receive for the pack you buy so is alot of gems a must or could i do without? thanks for taking your time to read the post and even bigger thanks if you answer it.
  6. Marvin Cruz PSN: BloodRoseTear 6PM EST:huntress:
  7. Marvin Cruz... ^-^... p.s.n= BloodRoseTear :huntress: <- RoseAqua 6pm est
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