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  1. Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the Event. We hope you had some fun and are enjoying the rewards. See you guys on the next one and hopefully soon to be released next update! Happy DD'ing middo
  2. Welcome back! Try this link for some builds for Nightmare etc. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216908696 Happy DDing! middo
  3. My little 2 cents worth. (from me personally, not a statement from the team etc) With regards to the idea of some event items being rewarded for skill or beating the event map, or reaching a particular level etc., I guess this is 1 way we are trying to 'reward' the players that put in the extra time and practice the map etc. I love the basic idea that ALL that participate can receive an Item. Even the last event, beating the first wave to receive the monk weapon was very easy with the time allowed and the lives available. With the armory items available in OPEN, very achievable. So basically ALL that play (and give 100%) get an item, easy. Now, the more controversial issue. Rewarding those players / teams that are willing to work harder and practice the map and thus get further through the map (or beat the map) So, with the last map there were extra items possible with this in mind. Seems simple in theory. Join an event with no practice, have a bit of fun, get an item. Practice and get into the challenge more and get rewarded more. However, this does (in the actual practice of the idea) introduce potential issues etc. I'm not going to list ALL of the issues, I mean, a laggy host and or inexperienced players etc (and just plain bad luck) all come to mind, but what I am going to ask is: 1. Should these players/teams have the potential to earn extra rewards IF they put in the work? 2. And if yes, lets hear some ideas on how this can be achieved. At the end of the day, I am sure we all want the same things. Have fun, bring the players together and keep DD1 going on strong FOREVER!!!! Happy DDing everyone :) middo
  4. Hi Mate, welcome back. Ive started a bit in DD2 too, but for PC. See you around the traps!
  5. Good idea(s) Mambo. I like it too! How about Stun ALL players? say 10 seconds, stuck. That could be another negative(and painful) effect to consider. Keep up the good work!
  6. For you fellow Aussies (and players within a similar time zone) I will be available Sunday afternoon and evening to host. (Aussie time) Have fun!
  7. Looks great! Sooo big! Well done mate!
  8. Strength: My patience when hosting public games (so I am told) Weakness: Remembering all the finer details in the game (i.e. does jester wheel debuff affect ogres?) I'm forever looking stuff like this up.
  9. A test build Ive been working on. For those interested, it shows that its not all about minions and auras. Was a good test for the reduced gas trap size too.  
  10. Hi Dassaffe, Welcome back to DD, the best game ever! I will answer a few questions to get you started but I am sure other will answer the rest and go into more depth etc. As far as I am aware, NMHC has not changed its difficulty. You just need to get back into the swing of things i think :) Pew Pew Pew's guide may also be of help: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216908696 I think the planner tool is still in effect. Not sure how many people are uploading new builds etc. Seems many old ones are still there etc. Tinkerers (Lab Assault) is a great source for good accessories and armors. (except pristine - you will still need to farm the campaign survival bonus maps for them) Insane is good too, but NM will give you better accessory stats I believe. I'm sure there are better routes to use for Lab Assault these days, but the below one works ok. And yes the best weapon is the BF Drill which is obtained in the Challenge 'Volcanic Eruption' as a huntress/hunter etc. There are many ways to beat this map but the below video will get you started etc. Time is the key! For a good huntress weapon, Tinkerers Lab NMHC INSANE can be good for the blaster rifle. Nightmare seems to 'over roll' a bit so Insane is better. Other good weapons can be obtained on Moonbase as well as good tower pets. The Rainmaker is an event weapon for the apprentice. It is very OP and worth around 160 cubes i believe if trading for one etc. Hope this helps, see you around the DD traps middo
  11. middo

    [WTA] Ult Armors

    4 cubes on U2 please
  12. Remember fellow Aussies, I'll be your hostess with the most-ess from down under, so fell free to look out for me etc. This will be great fun. Large groups will be the best fun (up to 7). Cheers edit: Group size now changed to 5
  13. Now you did say the TOP of the tavern, right?
  14. 2 cubes ult leather boots, cheers
  15. Looks great, cant wait to play it! Good job.
  16. For those who havn't got enough of the tracks :) Dungeon Defenders Sound Track
  17. 1 cube, 469 dps dragon. (cause, I like the projectile speed :)
  18. If the event hosts vote, I'm more than happy to withdraw my entry and add my vote etc. I only entered for a bit of fun anyways :)
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