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  1. Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the Event. We hope you had some fun and are enjoying the rewards. See you guys on the next one and hopefully soon to be released next update! Happy DD'ing middo
  2. Welcome back! Try this link for some builds for Nightmare etc. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216908696 Happy DDing! middo
  3. My little 2 cents worth. (from me personally, not a statement from the team etc) With regards to the idea of some event items being rewarded for skill or beating the event map, or reaching a particular level etc., I guess this is 1 way we are trying to 'reward' the players that put in the extra time and practice the map etc. I love the basic idea that ALL that participate can receive an Item. Even the last event, beating the first wave to receive the monk weapon was very easy with the time allowed and the lives available. With the armory items available in OPEN, very achievable. So basic
  4. Hi Mate, welcome back. Ive started a bit in DD2 too, but for PC. See you around the traps!
  5. Good idea(s) Mambo. I like it too! How about Stun ALL players? say 10 seconds, stuck. That could be another negative(and painful) effect to consider. Keep up the good work!
  6. For you fellow Aussies (and players within a similar time zone) I will be available Sunday afternoon and evening to host. (Aussie time) Have fun!
  7. Looks great! Sooo big! Well done mate!
  8. Strength: My patience when hosting public games (so I am told) Weakness: Remembering all the finer details in the game (i.e. does jester wheel debuff affect ogres?) I'm forever looking stuff like this up.
  9. A test build Ive been working on. For those interested, it shows that its not all about minions and auras. Was a good test for the reduced gas trap size too.  
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