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  1. I was hoping the PS4 version was closer to the PC version when it came out but there is still plenty of enjoyment. My wife and I love it and just hope we can get all our toons to 25 before wipeggedon so we get the skins.
  2. Search is broken again. No matter what terms I search I only get the spinning rings and nothing ever propagates in the list.
  3. So what exactly is planned for the PS4 version when wipegeddon happens? Will we be getting the recent PC advancements and level progression enhancements? Lvl 50 cap increase? But considering all of the current PS4 players did not join as Free 2 Play what happens to our premium currency? Will it be refunded? Should we just spend it however we like it? I need these answers before I spend any further money.
  4. Servers still down on the east coast. Looks like they were up for the entire time I was at work. Of course
  5. Good luck and there are a few other Co-Op issues as well. If the 2nd player is attempting to do certain things and it pops up with a window for them to click Ok or Cancel and they can't control it that usually means it's waiting for 1st player to do something. It's just a bug and I'm sure it will be resolved eventually. Also it's best to go to the War guy and choose a Private Tavern before joining in on co-op as well. You can then go back to the War guy and choose to enter a public game as a co-op duo. Sometimes co-op won't work when your in a filled Social Tavern.
  6. I'm sorry if this question has already been asked a million and one times but the search function of the site just doesn't work for me at all so I couldn't find any info on it. In the Settings screen where it lists your current controls setup it shows a greyed out option for Use Controller. How do I get that to activate or is it even working yet? Is the feature in the process of being implemented and this is just a place holder? Thanks in advance.
  7. Sadly Comcast seems to be attacking those metered connections more and more these days. But also consider the fact that online play uses a minute fraction of information compared to say Netflix, Youtube, and etc so I don't see limited being an issue. Also its still quite possible to play on a connection that has been cut down to 512kbps (IE Comcast after 300GB), but boy are those patches gonna be a pain.
  8. Considering the style play and platform this game is attempting to accomplish I don't see offline mode ever becoming a thing. They are attempting to reach a larger audience through F2P due to the fact that most games nowadays just don't survive by offering a paid version. F2P attempts to prevent piracy by allowing everyone a chance to play and those with money to purchase skins/accessories and etc. And considering even Private games use the server system (not stored locally) they would have to rewrite the entire game to support 4 player split screen (not just 2) as well as client side AI and
  9. Have your friend log onto the game by himself and create a character (Or 3) and then close the game. Reopen the game under your profile and then try and start a co-op game (hitting the touchpad on 2nd controller) and you should be able to play then.
  10. I realize that this isn't the bug reporting section of the forum but the traditional tech support bug report section doesn't seem to be catered to the PS4 edition (nor do the online bug reporting features). So I figured I'd give it a shot here.
  11. While using co-op these are the issues I've noticed: (It should be noted that 1st player is Left Screen and 2nd player is Right Screen) When initializing co-op (IE hitting the touchpad on the 2nd controller) if the 2nd player does not have a created character then the co-op session will refuse to start. This is apparent in both the Social Tavern and Private Taverns.When the 2nd player is quitting from the co-op session the screen that pops up asking if they would really like to quit is not controlled by the 2nd player but instead the 1st player's controller.Several of the in game menus that
  12. Sigh...It looks like Icculus's site is down and now it's like Trendy forgot that we even exist. I'm not fighting the Humble Bundle but if anyone were to have purchased it specifically for Linux they would be seriously disappointed at this point. I've tried all of the workarounds with nothing helping. No matter what it runs horribly and crashes constantly. Not only that but controllers don't work and half the time the game doesn't work the way it's supposed to. You can't take bug reports and then simply ignore what's going on.
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