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  1. Why has noone explained he can just build a map with one character, use the forge to swap to another and just collect XP?
  2. Help! Just sold my summoners helm, anyway to get it back?
  3. When will we get this? The achievements are on steam.. interesting statement "Cleared the way for the EV's upgrade...." Is that a hint at EV for DD2? or an outfit that doesnt hamper the EV? Quite excited about this, I wonder if it will bring back the usefulness of the some of the less used towers.. I cant remember the last time I used my squire and thats sad.
  4. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has experimented with this, what exactly does it do? Does it work well in conjunction with hero boost, just thinking that it might make for a good AFK. Let me know thoughts Cheers
  5. I actually used this group to find some players to play with the other night! Thumbs it to be honest, great little group with players around my level... thoroughly enjoyed the evening and got some good tips!
  6. Hi All, Anyone got the time to help me figure out what the hell I'm doing wrong? I can roll over the campaign no problem. I have stats in the 3-4k range, yet I dont get further than 18 on Survival! Looked at a few of the builds floating around, Sharks just seem to be kicking my ***! Add me on steam, found out if I'm being an idiot? :) Thanks in advance http://steamcommunity.com/id/jazzik777
  7. Theres better outlines on the official page which would help speculate?
  8. Topic says it all really, but some of these accessories are UGLY! Better dye system too, to colour individual pieces?
  9. Are you bloody kidding me!! My whole evening wasted because of this crap! Any chance of some sort of reimbursement for my time being wasted? Time and time again this happens, things are working fine and then it just pings me out! Then I can get straight back on, its a joke! Seriously though, sort it out!
  10. i don't feel limiting character switching is a way to solve this. currently in DD, sometimes when i switch to a character, the game pulls a stupid and switches to the first character on the list, instead of the one i clearly had selected. and being able to change characters a lot, makes sense. how are people supposed to work together and decide who should build what when everyone has a set of builders? if you can't all switch and compare to decide who has the most favorable towers of each type for the current situation if you can't swap? Thats not the game pulling a stupid :) I used to have it too now I'm just a bit more methodical when selecting. How about before the round starts, everyone gets a character select menu, where they lock in their builder and their dps. (similar to League) This would give people time to discuss who is gunna take what? This screen could even list the players stats and highlight the best of each class in green.
  11. I'd like to see a game mode where character swapping cannot take place more than once. I'd actually like to see this as the main coop mode but I cannot see that happening. The idea being that people would perfect one builder class and use that for the entire map, perhaps being able to switch to a DPS once all the building has been completed. This would encourage working with people using other classes to overcome maps in a cooperative manner. As it stands currently you usually end up with the person with the best builder stats across the most characters (normally the person with the most time invested). Doing all the building while the other players fetch the mana and then stand around waiting to upgrade. This is not really cooperative play, its more 3 people being carried by an experienced builder and collecting loot at the end. I play with a couple of friends, and my gear is much better than theirs. As a result I do all of the building and while I don't mind I am conscious they aren't getting much fun out of the game and not really learning how to beat the maps themselves. I understand I could let them build but at the same time this is less than optimal, and while there is a better option it seems a good idea to take it. Alternatively, I can loan some of my gear to friends to use to share the effort but thats never going to happen in a public game. Thoughts?
  12. Nice one thankyou. So it goes to 68k, dont think I'll bother I'll trade it out and wait for an Ult++ :)
  13. Hi Guys, This has probably been covered but struggling to get the search to bring back what I want. I just got a Obs.Gladius with 349 ups base of 8446. Just wondering how to work out how high this will actually go without throwing a fortune at it to find its not as good as the 68/49k ones I already have. Cheers
  14. Hey all, Just wondering what it is that makes a Djinn decide to sell something. I currently use a build for skycity with no towers north and south. Its fine, up until about wave 23... when there are numerous gold wyvern coming in from the south. At which point my buff beamed auras/traps are insufficent without upgrade. I managed to cling on by sheer luck until wave 27... but without gear improvements I doubt ill go much further. Is it possible to upgrade some items without them being sold all of my Djinn are currently pulled to the mid. Any information is appreciated. Cheers
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