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  1. I seriously mean anything. I had 3.5K stats when I got the Ultimate Defender achievement, and lot of people did it with less. It's only very recently that they uncapped the re-spec points, raised the max level to 100, and starting having supreme accessories. There used to be a serious progression issue starting at 1.5k, and it's really gotten a lot better. Speaking of which, have you completed all the achievements? Nope, still need to do those achievements. Anyway by 3.5k do you mean literally every single stat, or just important ones, depending on character class. If it's the latter,
  2. My apologies, I thought it was a little more tame than a general personal attack...
  3. This multi-quote is kind of ***-backwards, but oh well. >_> Have some parts of my experience been grindy? Sure. But I always stop myself when I feel the grind is not worthy in terms of the return it gives. I've done very little armor grinding in this game, ever; and when I have it's been on maps I knew would give a decent return (like King's Game Survival.) My stats aren't as high as most other long-time players, because of this. I've just barely broke past 3K, finally, with many of my builders' stats. You know what? I don't care. If those stats give me the ability to clear actual stag
  4. Anyway, that was a rant. My point is, if it isn't a game with an ending, a grind always begins to happen where you just wait for the next piece of content or until you just start pushing the limits of a game. I'm not really pushing the limits, here, and I don't think there's any game-changing content coming up. You don't spend tons of hours on a game because you didn't like it. It's obvious you didn't just "want to like it." You actually LIKED it. ... Yes, let's be nitpicky with whether my terms are in past tense or not and pretend that we can make an actual point out of it, like so:
  5. When you get to a certain point you don't really need anything else in my opinion... Some people like to collect stuff usually on maps that they enjoy doing and repeat that over and over. I personally like to go around pubs meeting new people and helping. Or create some random games and play with lower levels/lower gear. Or join steam friends and goof around... The thing is, if there isn't anything in the game that still gives you fun, maybe it's time to take a break... If there's anything that you still want to do and enjoy doing, do it! :D (For some weird reason, I love running The Summit)
  6. (Not for faint of attention span) Just quit? I ask this because I wanted to like this game (a lot, as you can see by my hours invested). I got this game with the Humble Bundle for a little over 6 bucks. I never had any huge reason to invest time into it. But yet I pumped in quite a bit (somewhere around 200-240 hours, not counting the multiple times when I was afk but had the game open, I believe), I quickly rose up by both letting other people help me, and helping other people (within just a few days I had good myths). I was having fun... kinda. I did screw around quite a bit, but I got
  7. It happens when you go into a shop and it's loading up.
  8. You should be able to clear Aquanos Survival NMHC (non-MM) without much trouble. King's Game or Sky City I'd expect to you at least get mid-20s. It's a downer to take the 30% stat hit for not having an active builder, but for levels with bosses, having a capable DPS character with at least 90% NM resists in generic and fire, and "legit" dps (fully upg weapon(s) and DPS armor, prop cat or seahorse, etc.) is pretty critical. It's also just gear-efficient to dump all points into tower stats for your builders and not have to worry about resists, and then only ever play DPS characters duri
  9. Your stats are right alongside mine, and I find myself with a bunch of different opportunities to farm. Kobold on a Treadmill -- Tavern Defense Survival InsaneHC, start wave 28, complete through wave 35, bring in alts before wave 35 starts. One of the "easier" ways to get your off-stats up and allow you to dump everything into Tatk is to make sure every builder has a perfect 600/600/600/600. Mistymire / Aquanos / King's Game / Sky City Survival NMHC(MM?) Wave 20+ for armor. Lotta people suggest King's Game because it's not too difficult, mob count is high, no loot falls off the map, etc.
  10. Not sure if this is in the right section, but, hey... I see people asking for help on here, too. I have some builders at various stat ranges, and I just want to know what the optimal place for me to farm some stuff up is, and where I should be moving with their equipment. I have a job, so I don't have quite so much time to devote to this as I want to. Any guidance to make my life easier would be great. [table] [tr][td]Class (Level)[/td][td]thp[/td][td]tatk[/td][td]trange[/td][td]trate[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Squire (86)[/td] [td]0.8[/td][td]3.96[/td][td]1.6[/td][td]2.2[/td][/tr] [tr][t
  11. I don't think anyone's gonna ban you for picking up 4 bil that someone's dropped. It's not anything really ridiculous, and if you can take it and invest it in shops wisely, it can get you fairly far. I know this because I've built a 4k-ish trans t-atk (potential.... ie pre-upgrades... but still plenty good) set from the ground up using a smaller investment than that. It takes a lot of shopping, but it can be done. And again, it's really not anything amazing, or traceable to your account. No one really says anything unless you start running around with 600 stat myth gears, or something like
  12. According to that logic, if someone goes out at Night in a dangerous place and gets killed, it's their fault. And so long as the the murderer doesn't feel bad about it, he's a good guy. While you're right about saying most people will lecture you on these things, I am certain that the majority of people on these forums wouldn't do something like that. If not for morality but for their reputation. 1. Right. It is their fault. As an organism, it is your responsibility to watch out for your survival. Society was developed to make this easier, but if you depend upon it without any personal think
  13. I love how everyone here's lecturing him on morality. A bunch of e-saints, everyone is. Anyway, if he was so eager to show his stuff off that he forgot to turn off tavern pickups, that's his fault. You just took the opportunity to get a free weapon. And here's a heads up: a lot of people will lecture your *** off about morality when they're not the ones that gained something. The only thing you have to contend with is your own consciousness in this scenario. If you don't feel bad, don't bother doing anything. If you do feel bad, then give it back. Oh, and don't just sit here and defend y
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