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  1. I'm a little surprised I'm not getting banned after just trying to get revenue off of the event item giveaways, which is documented on the forums. Now, while I do know that I was given leniency because of my newly discovered disorder, I'd think that a second offense would get you banned. I guess I won't push for being banned, but this at least lets the community know. I couldn't keep lying, and I know some people will be angry. So I guess overall, thanks? I'll probably keep playing with anyone who's willing to play with me still, starting with new gear and whatnot.
  2. Not sure where to put this, so I'll put it in the most visible area. I started hacking around two months past the point in time where Lab came out, and quit about two months or less later. It didn't take me long to figure out tricks to get by undetected, and I managed to get a lot of things, events included, by simply typing some numbers. I created easily four hundred or more hacked diamonds, some going straight to the vendor. I'm reporting myself because I've never gotten over the guilt, and I feel bad to doing that to so many of my close friends. I have given all my events away and those wil
  3. Everything is updated, sorry for letting this atrophy a bit.
  4. Looking like this will be the last.... bump!
  5. Hello everyone, and welcome to another Person Man auction. Today for you I have some, from what I remember, self farmed goodies! A pair of Ult++ Pets that cap a boosting stat, as well as some armor and accessories for the same purpose. My typical auction rules apply. I accept all currencies at their standard rate, lab runs within reason. The auction will run for a week, longer if it picks up interest at the end for counter bids. P1: P2: The first booster hat is Black, as shown here: A1: A2: A1: A2: A3: A2: 1 cv - ilovecheddah P2: 4 cubes - Kirby Killer
  6. One auction in, one auction out! This is something some of you may have seen before, because I bought it from someone on the forums. It has been auctioned before, and thus item checked before, but I'll item check it again just to be safe. My usual auction rules apply. This will run a week, unless interest picks up at the end, in which case it would be extended and additional 24 hours for counter bids. I know I haven't stated that plainly before, but it has been awhile since I've done an auction. I'll be taking the typical currencies at the standard rate. Events will be considered as needed, bu
  7. Looks like Dark wins the auction! It has been two days since the post where I posted the ending time.
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