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  1. I'm going to need to extend this a bit. I've had a super busy weekend and have been unable to got online at all. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let's say Tues evening at 7:00 EST for the new end date. @ laronel- sorry for not being able to connect with you yet. Will try to connect with you as soon I can get on
  2. Sorry guys. Was out of town yesterday and didn't get a chance to update this. LT is the new leader with a 60cv bid. I have added an 80 cube buyout
  3. Reserve has been met. I'm going to hold off a bit on posting the buyout as this thing just started and I hope for more people to at least see this thread and if it gains popularity I have a couple more cool ideas to spice things up around here
  4. No worries, but in that case I will have to rescind my Glacier. It was a buyout, not a bid. Sorry man and good luck
  5. 1 traceable Glaciers. Trace is Event>Namwich>Me I will find the thread that confirms this
  6. C/O Laronel.Thone - 60 cv - Glacier Reserve has been met Buyout is 80 cubes Be careful though, just because their is a low reserve doesn't mean that the item[s] aren't worth a lot more....or are they/it?
  7. This should be fun!! I am auctioning a mystery item[s] I have told Caimen through Steam Chat what the item[s] is/are and he will pop in to verify. Pics have also been sent to him to be checked. Accepting: Absolutely EVERYTHING mana 10 bil:1 coal coal 5:1 cubes Diamonds 5/11/17 Traced Events: post the event you are bidding and I will value it Armor: post a pic here and I will value it Weapons and Acc's: same as above This is no junk item[s] so there is a reserve to be met. If the reserve is met, I will post the Buyout. This will run until Sunday Aug 23 12p.m. EST Please thank Caimen
  8. Hey guys!! Looking for a few pieces. I have a helm so I need some gloves, boots and a chest piece. Pieces must cap HD and resists. Also must have positive HH and AB2. If you have a piece for sale, please post a pic here and and the price. Paying with cubes, coal and diamonds Tks. PB
  9. Last bump. MKJO is leading at a bid of 165cv New buyout set: 220 cv Ending this on Sunday at noon EST
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