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  1. I'm going to need to extend this a bit. I've had a super busy weekend and have been unable to got online at all. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let's say Tues evening at 7:00 EST for the new end date. @ laronel- sorry for not being able to connect with you yet. Will try to connect with you as soon I can get on
  2. Sorry guys. Was out of town yesterday and didn't get a chance to update this. LT is the new leader with a 60cv bid. I have added an 80 cube buyout
  3. Reserve has been met. I'm going to hold off a bit on posting the buyout as this thing just started and I hope for more people to at least see this thread and if it gains popularity I have a couple more cool ideas to spice things up around here
  4. No worries, but in that case I will have to rescind my Glacier. It was a buyout, not a bid. Sorry man and good luck
  5. 1 traceable Glaciers. Trace is Event>Namwich>Me I will find the thread that confirms this
  6. C/O Laronel.Thone - 60 cv - Glacier Reserve has been met Buyout is 80 cubes Be careful though, just because their is a low reserve doesn't mean that the item[s] aren't worth a lot more....or are they/it?
  7. This should be fun!! I am auctioning a mystery item[s] I have told Caimen through Steam Chat what the item[s] is/are and he will pop in to verify. Pics have also been sent to him to be checked. Accepting: Absolutely EVERYTHING mana 10 bil:1 coal coal 5:1 cubes Diamonds 5/11/17 Traced Events: post the event you are bidding and I will value it Armor: post a pic here and I will value it Weapons and Acc's: same as above This is no junk item[s] so there is a reserve to be met. If the reserve is met, I will post the Buyout. This will run until Sunday Aug 23 12p.m. EST Please thank Caimen for authenticating for me as he had to exclude himself from this auction to do so Good luck to all
  8. Hey guys!! Looking for a few pieces. I have a helm so I need some gloves, boots and a chest piece. Pieces must cap HD and resists. Also must have positive HH and AB2. If you have a piece for sale, please post a pic here and and the price. Paying with cubes, coal and diamonds Tks. PB
  9. Last bump. MKJO is leading at a bid of 165cv New buyout set: 220 cv Ending this on Sunday at noon EST
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