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  1. Dont tell me what to do, I hate the hero deck Period
  2. I think all this posts on this thread makes clear that they need to change the boost aura in some way. I dont want it to be mandetory like the buff beam was in dd1 but still it feels very weak actually. I have to say that i now have more ideas about what I can do with the boost aura and will try to boost walls instead - Excited how it goes :) Some ppl here where talking about spheres and a specific stat for the monk. Can you please point me in that direction? I dont know how the sphere / stat is called Thanks! :)
  3. Hi, just did some math today. To let it simple just imagine i have tower squire with 2000 DP tower monk with 2000 DP If i boost squire with monk, this gives a DP bonus of roughly 270 DP, resulting into ~ 2270 DP. This means every cannon turret or Ballistas Dmg is increased by ~ 1000 DPS. So ... Why should i not just build two more towers instead of having a boost aura. While having a Base dps from like 7000 it makes no sense to have a Boost Aura
  4. Hi, highest drop before lvl 50 is actually lvl 38 items - So yes there is a gap between 38 and 50. Sadly you need to get 50 before you get any new items. Trendy is aware of this issue
  5. Just like this :) DD2 without friends no fun at all. Im pretty sure they will fix asap. Just found a steam forum entry with very many posts on it - Trendy is already aware. Check this: http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/490123832543808185/[[2954,hashtags]]
  6. Actually it is not possible to join any friend games, it says matchmaking error. It worked before most recent patch. There is also a reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/dungeondefenders/comments/3pnvg5/issue_joining_friends_in_private_games_still/ Any info when this is fixed? Thanks :)
  7. Check those other sticky Threads in this board as well - The simple illustrated guide for newbies is really good :) ( And not only for new new players)
  8. Thank you for the follow up people! After a lot of work/shopping/farming i have increased my stats. Monk: 1598 - 2547 - 1879- 2229 Summoner: 1900- 2424 - 1100 - 1600 EV: 1900 - 2200 - 0 - 75. Traptress: 1000- 1100 - 810- 1200 Was able to beat it using your follow up suggestions and found things much much much easier. It was glorious- wondering if my stats are now high enough to tackle any other challenges/ farm somewhere for a few better myth/trans items ((seeing as some of my heros are doing quite well while others are lacking.) Edit: YEP - you got my question. Also- does this build hold for NM? (just curious- not thinking my gear is there.) Y TY again MIL & Everyone! Well done :) I dont think this build is good for NM, especially not for campain. I mean it will work the same way on NM if your stats are pretty high, but imho there are some other builds that are more safe to use. For nm i prefer this one by dreamn: http://ddplanner.com/?l=15149,td-nmhcmm-or-insane-hc-kobold-farming For your other questions regarding farming items ... you should be able to complete Aquanos NM HC for some good armor drops (enable only summoner). You can enable MM if it is to easy .... Im sure you cant beat The Kings Game yet, but you can get to 20 with minior problems i guess. Kings Game NM HC MM drops trans armor at ~16 even though most of the myth armor drops are pretty good
  9. Could anyone suggest what is vital for me to upgrade here? I'm assuming it's a matter of upgrading Monk aura radius & attack speed.. maybe the same with traps radiu/summoner radisu.. but any suggestions would be appreciated xD When I started using MILs build first time, my stats where the same like yours - Even lower on the Summoner I guess. It was not easy in the first wave but doable. What the problem on your stats is: Aura range Your aura range needs to be at 1900 or 2000 to do MILs build because it is KEY!!! to kill most of the ogre chopper before they can land. (Beyond 1900/2000 scaling of aura range is very bad) If you open then DD planner of MILs build, you will notice that he build the north west to the most top left corner - this way your electro aura will kill most of the ogre choper coming from that direction. With your aura range, like 950 ... just to small to do that. Same is true for the north east auras. *edit* If you are not able to kill the ogre chopers before they drop (I am not able to do that as well but they land on the top of the trees for me at the north east not doing damage at all), you should try dreams build maybe ... If you are not able to kill the ogres early enough you cant take advantage of MILs build in my opinion My current Monk stats: 1500 / 2700 / 2000 / 1000 I think you can scale down damage slightly to 2200~2300 if you need to put stats in range
  10. Is it better than Tavern Defense's InsaneHC's rewards? Also what stats are needed and is the reward from the secret code in the map any good? You cant find weapons of that high quality as Tavern Defense reward. Kobold reward after completing Taverne Insane HC is still a very good reward compared to the difficulty. The secret code reward on Akatiti is a "turtle on a treadmil" pet. Do yourself a favor und try to solve the riddle yourself instead of using google. Back to topic: I managed to reach wave 22 with two active players on "The Kings Game" NM HC MM ... I found some good armors of high quality and was able to pimp my stats slightly. Dream: Ill post my problems into your kings game guide thread, maybe you can help me to fix my problems :) Thanks
  11. Idk what I did wrong with your build London but I have stats in the upper 2k range and couldn't get past wave 18 since I never did td in survival. So you may should share what happend / Why you died with us to fix your problem.
  12. hey! I've got a setup in my signature. Not sure whether it works without the traps, but really bad traps can already work wonders. just don't use the proximity. use only gas (: I can confirm that this works with very low stats for me. Thats exactly how I started to farm Kobolds (Thank you so much MIL ;D) My summoner stats was like: 1500/1500/1000/1000 Monk: 1300/2200/1900/700 Trap: 1500/2000/1000/1000 <= you dont need that much for gas trap You should start north east upgrading because there are alot of ogres landing. I started upgrading buffbeams to one star during the build phase of wave 28, and during combat I usually upgraded my minion wall in the north east for more HP GL
  13. Well, you dont need to have a good trap if its just for gas traps. Even a 500/500/500/500 huntress is good enough for gas traps on a buff beam. So maybe it is the easiest for you to level a huntress up to 74? The trick about gas traps is that they protect you from genies selling your defenses. Without those stuns its very hard to do it solo I guess. *EDIT* Hint: If you want to get some Kobolds you can try pure strategy. No ogres / ogre chopter / genies on pure strategy. The reward is a bit lower but you dont need a traps for pure strategy. This way you are maybe able to pimp your stats more with kobolds of some midclass quality.
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