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  1. Once again, I'd like to petition that projectile speed be given to the wave starter, the random drop version of the depth charge from Aquanos. This is (imho) the most interesting grenade launcher in the game but is crippled by limited range since projectile speed is always missing. Note that depth charge, which is the campaign reward, does get the projectile speed, but not the random drop version I want to farm. Check the pictures below. If CDT can't change the wave starter itself, I'd like it if a copy of that weapon (with projectile speed fix) could be introduced to some other new maps
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198054879920 1) Ball Blaster 2) New Patch Celebration 3) Rainmaker
  3. There was a similar proposal of nerfing the allowable range between chaining targets. I was personally in favor of testing this nerf, but I think there was a fair amount of push back. Many players would also oppose a hard cap as you're suggesting as that would destroy the value of a lot of LT gear since tower radius currently determine the number of chaining targets. 50% boss nerf is good starting point, but we'll have to see if that's actually enough to push players into switching to dps heroes for boss waves. My guess is that's probably enough for Embermount, but maybe not for WW and ToL if
  4. I support all 4 changes, Plane. Would like very much to see them included in 8.4 but I guess CDT is required to give time for community to provide input? Oh pooh... just overthrow community democracy and bring on the dictatorship. Black Mamba's suggestion is also good. Makes sense to bring the rest of the reward drops in line with WW. Again, EHE is much more time consuming than WW so this should not make the map exploitable. Updated OP.
  5. Edit2: Bid back, sorry. 25 cv (15 in diamond at 5/10/15 unupped, 10 in coal)
  6. Yes, this map exist and I didn't just make it up. It's the challenge map predecessor to silent night. It's also the only christmas theme map that does NOT reward coal. As explained by Plane, this map can be harder than silent night due to RNG involved, i.e. trees farther away needing to be defended in early waves can be challenging. But the randomness also makes it a fun map to run from time to time. Balance wise, adding coal to EHE wouldn't break the coal market. EHE will never be as fast or as farmable as WW, which is expected to be easily doable in about 14-15min in the next update. EH
  7. Hey guys. So I remember it used to be fairly common to see full hero equipment being sold but since the reduction in player base, there's been less of these showing up... until now! Image Tower Leather Adept/App Set: 2520HP, 7049Dmg (with 985 in dmg), 2679 Radius, 3687 Cast (Once fully upped on open) Key Features: Tdmg cap helm, 1 off (839/840) from cap gloves. Tcast (2x300+, 2x250+ without armor bonus) 450+ on hat, mask, 400 on bracer (matching cosmetic to spread x-mas jolly with santa apprentice) Weapon is 4x600 staff (ok not amazing, but no one farms akatiti anymore so...) 800/825 tc
  8. Hey guys. So I remember it used to be fairly common to see full hero equipment being sold but since the reduction in player base, there's been less of these showing up... until now! Image Set Decided to make separate thread for the app set which is much better imho, so check that out too. Tower Plate Monk Set: 3151 HP, 6775 DMG (with 985 stats), 2756 Radius, 2921 Cast Key Features: Capping 840 Tdmg gloves (140-286Tcast-600-232) Everything fully upped/forged (except one upgrade for the beard) It's a provisional monk set as that's the free hero I've. If you need this set for another he
  9. OP copy this directly so buyers don't have to open separate window. PS: Forum really doesn't like your google content folder and neither does imgur apparently. You can upgrade on local and post a picture. That gets the buyers out since they can visually see without having to guess or imagine. Anyway, I calculated it to 117,402 based on 270/up (I believe the dmg/up alternate between 264 and 276). Very very good but not stellar because of the sub 400^. The real treat is the 2x 600 for dmg hero stats. And just to add my worthless 2 cents, the knockback and charge bonus is perfect for poly imh
  10. 15 cv = double cap hp and damage. I'would like it to be IC'd. Please send unblocked image to Plane.
  11. Is it possible for make these mapes 6 players? I feel like people would want to alternate between playing them and maybe poly for variety and that'd not be convenient currently.
  12. 50% nerf to boss dps should be tested/incorporated in this update I think. The longer this gets pushed back, the greater the inertia to just keep everything the same. I'd support a change (any change, big or small) over the status quo regarding LTs,
  13. Windows update ver 1803 for win10 causes the one file emulator to fail. Maybe there should an announcement as I’m sure many many people will be needing this.
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