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  1. Banned for calling people getting struck by lightning lame banning you because your banning AK47FAN762
  2. I don't know a build but I am game for Morrago
  3. Pulled an 83^ triton today with a starting base of 1380 0_0 I didn't realize the starting base damage on any weapon could be so high. So now I'm wondering has anyone pulled a triton with higher starting base and has anyone pulled a weapon besides the triton that started with over 1000 base? What are you willing to trade for that triton?
  4. May I compete in the tournament also?
  5. Yes, I would like to help/ participate in the "Future Event Team". --Nerd1234
  6. What exactly is DDplanner?
  7. Hey y'all, I was wondering if any experienced players know an insane build for aquanos. I have heard huntress traps are the key to beat this map but I do not know the build. Anyone know a build? --nerd1234
  8. Hey y'all, I am fairly new to this game and the community (only been playing for 4 months) and I find it annoying when you acquire an item with 80 + upgrades that it takes like 10 minutes to fully upgrade that. This becomes worse when you have multiple items to upgrade (especially full sets of armor). After doing some research, I found the pc version has pro mode. If your not familiar with pro mode it basically upgrades your item immediately without investing in it (still pay mana but don't need to wait). I am here to advocate that we should petition this feature onto the ps3 version. If you agree with my logic please sign this post with your gametag and the reason why we should acquire this feature also. If you have any other questions for me add it to the post or message me on my gametag. Thank you and happy gaming. :) -- nerd1234
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