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  1. I think that bringing back the "development road-map" would be very beneficial to sustaining the player-base of DD2. I realize that road-maps are more common for EA games that are still in the early stages but since this game is still evolving then it is still technically being developed. I personally do not have the time to watch all the dev streams and piece together what might happen in the next patch or the one after but would like to know a bit more about what Trendy's focus actually is. Many times in the past I saw a patch coming and thought, "this is when the (insert desired improveme
  2. I think it is a very nice gesture to give Trendy the info as to why you lost interest HSB. Most people just leave games they become bored with without saying a word. I am in a similar situation and agree with many of the points in your first post but have hopes for their future updates. If nobody voiced their opinion, whether it be viewed as positive or negative, developers would be left guessing how to steer their game. Sometimes people forget that I think. :P
  3. I have little faith anything will change with the hard counter mobs but here are my suggestions or ones I have seen posted by others that I would like to see. Vanguards - Shields take x amount of damage and are then destroyed. Acting as a form of armor essentially. After they are destroyed they take damage the same as any other normal mob and do not stop projectiles. Geode - Shield takes x amount of damage and then shuts off. Takes x amount of seconds to turn back on. Similar to the vanguard suggestion but not exactly the same. EMP Orcs - They can stun "any" defense for x amount of seconds bu
  4. Not a bad idea at all IMO. Honestly, I am willing to go along with any idea that gives back our choices regarding the maps we play lol.
  5. The whole map rotation idea is flawed IMO. Players usually find a way to avoid certain aspects that they dislike of the games that they play . In this case the map rotation "tries" to promote variety but actually limits it. I also think they are trying to stop players from progressing too fast through chaos by choosing maps that Trendy deems the hardest or more difficult of the lot. Well people will just skip those maps lol. If the rotation included the entire map pool it would be closer to what I think Trendy is trying to accomplish but would not wear out their players with mostly the same o
  6. My favorite thing about the game is the developers involvement with the community. Some of the changes/improvements I might not agree with but IMO they tend to listen to the input of their community overall. Compare that with Blizzard for example. Good luck getting a "Blue" response on their forums lol. Cheers to Trendy for being active with their players. :)
  7. So we now have unique weapons again via the incursions but we do not have any unique relics. So lets make some up and maybe Trendy will like the idea. I will start the ball rolling :P. Squire: Training Dummy: The TD now releases 4-8 projectiles depending on its rotation speed which cause mobs to be ignited for "x" amount of damage over time. This would tie in nicely with any "oiling effects" :) This is arc focus based. Huntress: Geyser Trap: Geyser trap now causes an ice tornado similar to the apprentice ability. It has an added ice effect which slows mobs for x amount of seconds. Mo
  8. That was the exact response I expected. "I was just trolling guys!" No I was not trolling and it was not prank,I just play mind games with you after completing the hardest challenge ingame to demonstrate my E-pen dominance :^) Now bow before me puny human. Have you been told yet today?
  9. That's because Gambit & Deadly Strikes only affect the damage radius. They have no effect on trigger radius. I've brought this up before and someone at Trendy, I don't remember who, said they like it that way and won't change it because they want trap placement more strategic or something. Awesome. That makes total sense because traps are so OP so why make them any stronger? LOL love Trendys logic sometimes :P.
  10. In a nutshell yes. The current loot system needs some tweaking :P.
  11. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/147004/can-someone-please-explain-the-loot-system?scrollTo=1291084%231291084 https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/145586/
  12. Now there's a good idea. To bad we can't see iPWR at the moment. Would be nice if they made it visible again.
  13. Can't catch this - The further mobs travel down a lane the faster they get. Missed one or two - Mobs explode and spawn two smaller weaker versions of themselves on death. What's the hurry? - Mobs within a certain radius slow hero movement and attack speed. For the legion! - Bombers no longer damage towers/heroes but instead when triggered explode into other mobs giving them temporary buffs. EX: Increased speed, health, damage. We will get that later - Mobs target towers with a DOT attack that stacks and doesn't stop unless a repair is started or an upgrade completed. Now you see me, now you do
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