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  1. I'm wondering if anyone's experienced the same thing and managed to get their account restored. I logged in one day and got a series of suspicious messages saying mission xxx unlocked. I've already completed Ultimate Defender and gotten' the big trophy in my tavern. In fact, my steam profile says I have unlocked 102/106 achievements. I haven't yet created a new character because I would like to get this resolved and have my characters restored. Is there an official support channel for issues like this? This seems to be a prevalent issue with Trendy and I have in fact read similar issues repo
  2. Title says it all, which is better?
  3. Most of all ultimate sets are hacked, if he's wearing full ult it's most likely hacked ones. He can still be a legit player if he "earned" them and they are possible. The reason why I asked is because that's not just a set, it's 6 sets all with 4-5.5k stats and it just looks too good to be true.
  4. I recently saw a player with literally monk, huntress, summoner, squire, EV (basically all his builders), DPS (Jester) with full ultimate sets. Is that really possible or do you think it's all hacked?
  5. - DC's. - Getting killed when you swap character just as the wave starts. - Laggy games that make you see neither mobs nor mana crystals. - Seeing blatant hackers with a staff that one-shots even wave 25 ogres and Trendy seeming like they're doing nothing. - Noobs that just pick up every piece of gear after wave. - People that AFK instead of repair/upgrade during my survival run that I built. - Reflectors only working half the time and actually reflect projectiles. - Falling off holes. - People AFK'ing near the forge when you're trying to change characters. - Having to exit t
  6. Prioritising damage can be done because this also scales the mage heal up, bringing the most important thing: they auto heal with a mage, so they need less hp. That's news to me. Can anyone else confirm this? I've always thought the mage healing depends purely on the percentage of the total HP of the minion being healed.
  7. As we all know, summoners generally build for THP and TAttack. Recently though, I've noticed that most summoners (at least the ones I've met) put heavy emphasis on attack over hitpoints. As I generally use minions as living walls, I generally put more emphasis on hitpoints over attack. My towers, on the other hand are rather fragile, but sport a lot of attack and rate. My philosophy is after all, if the towers are not getting hit, then their hitpoints are irrelevant. I was wondering how others do it and if I'm in the minority here with the minion walls. Do most people use them more for
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