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  1. You do have a point, however, this is not for profit, It's a personal thing. He's doing 6 shirts for him and his friends, he won't sell it. It's not for profit. It's not professional. It's for fun. Thanks daniel. I was asking for that first. But when i couldnt find any answer, my graphic designer part become little offensive/defensive. : D Sorry for the disturbance.
  2. First you need to be polite when you talk with someone. When a person doesn't agree with you that doesnt mean he or she is stupid. Second there is difference what you want with simple art contest. You dont want a drawing for fan art or any personal thing. You want a logo desing and drawing for an exercise team's tshirts and that is the diffirence. Thanks to that diffirence gives logo and drawing economical purpose. Actually it is little more complex but with my bad english i can only explain little (dont worry i am only bad at english when i write or talk. So yes i can understand you easil
  3. This is not a trade for an outside of game item. A screenshot or piece of art for a contest is not an item, nor is a t-shirt created for oneself with one's own money. This will be the end of this line of conversation. A qustion, so if i make a contest for a logo design or a drawing(like this one) is it okay? I mean i am graphic designer and i can buy my little cousins this game and i can make contests with their event items for my extra works. And PROFIT! :D :P I am sorry but logo design and drawing is an outside item and no this isn't a art contest. Here is an example contests to
  4. One thing i never understand is kicking someone for being newbie. I mean when you tell them what they need to do, you will be suprised how can they play really good. And if you will kick somebody for being low level at least say that first, maybe he/she has better hero(and genie). Restart; a Barbarian joins, activates chests, then jumps off the edge while dropping mana >.< Probably he jumped thanks to a lag spike. I mean i died a lot from that :D
  5. ... Why so defensive? I said correct me if i am wrong. If this tshirts for a highschool team or something like that it isnt a problem. I mean that is like charity But in real life, when you want a tshirt design you must pay to designer and you want drawing and logo design(monSTAR part). English isnt my main language and if my word choices was offensive, i am sorry. Btw, i can post here as i wish as long as i didn't break a forum rule. (i hope i didnt with this posts :) )
  6. If he wants to give away items, he's within his right to, as long as he isn't profiting from it nor dictating the value of said items. Correct me if i'm wrong but from what i understand, he is profiting from this. I mean he will use winner's submission for work and normaly a design for tshirt if you are very lucky worths 200$(normaly worths more). PS: Sorry about my english
  7. It can be but stats looked interesting and i dont want warning for using this pet, but i dont want to sell either. Because it is good :D I am asking this to be sure. And i asked about that and he/she said no.
  8. So here is the story. When i was playing td pure strategy with some other players, i gave tower buff pets who didnt have buff pets. Problem is after i gave a pet to somebody, stats of pet changed and changed a lot. At first when i saw pet with different stats, i thought he/she had another pet so i wanted back my pet and he gave the pet back to me. Problem is that was my pet with only different stats. So here is my question... Is this pet's stat rerolled or was he/she using somekind of hack program? Here is the pet
  9. Last wave kickers. You fight, upgrade and repair for whole game and at last wave... Sometimes worse for builders i saw a lot games host kicks the builder after he builds his defences
  10. I have lvl 89 Huntress, and it isnt have the best gear but it isnt bad (myth or trans at least). And i almost everytime ask about is it okay to be play with my char or i need to swap to another one. But maybe i forgot at that games. Hmm it is possible. Good point and thanks for the help ----------------------- Yup people like to kick on survival of like kings/tavern/sky because they just want help upping. Then they kick you and they got instant 3-star towers in 2 rounds instead of 6 Can you elaborate? I didn't understand. Did i forgot to upgrade at your games? And kicking at last wave
  11. As i said i wasnt afk any of them. I dont like being afk at a game. Because game becomes a farming thingy and it kills the game in my opinion
  12. Hi i bought the game from amazon at last sale(yes i missed humble bundle :( ) so i dont have any dlc. That is why i always join other peoples game. Problem is hosts who kicks at the last wave. I join three games with that kinda hosts and it becomes really really annoying(no i wasnt afk at any of them). I m thinking quitting the game and worst part is i really liked game. So here is my question: Are there many of them or is it my luck? PS: I dont have credit card, and i dont think i can find for a month so i cant buy dlcs for a month. and english isnt my main language, sorry
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