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  1. cool... happy to see most of the same people. Ill probably be running some maps tomorrow all day. So if anyone needs help lemme know. Or If you just wanna "play" with me. good to know about the duping but thats always around. B4 i played open maybe 5 times.
  2. How is everyone? anything new going on?
  3. Wait I didnt know u could put stats in... all my character say level 1 but I have 400 stats to put in. wtf someone please help
  4. thats a pretty nice one... i wouldnt mind having. mines 88^ and heals my auras in one shot. if you dont wanna waste time repairing def use it. I just run around to collect mana and it does the rest. never have to repair at all I have most of my old imps as well that you can try out if youd like. so you can experiment with the heal rates
  5. to my knowledge it will still lag for you but not in others games. and honestly i dont mind the little skips around. although i do wish it worked the way its supposed to
  6. I put everything into heal. I cant atm remember what it ended up being but it takes alot of mana. but on the other hand i dont like to repair and mana isnt really an issue so...
  7. have you tried it in other peoples taverns or just your own?
  8. i have seen old people go and new people arrive. the game is old now its not really a surprise.
  9. thanx sloosh. Appreciate it
  10. ya its a issue with building on your second and backing out. Just use 2 controllers i dont know how to fix this issue
  11. Were you on a second controller building traps and left with that controller?
  12. pRo-iamKiLLa Im looking for some people are farm wotd with easily
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