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  1. I like the idea! +1. So much easier then selecting and selling.
  2. Should I completely give up? Meh..... If anyone from the old crew wants to team-up in the weekends, let me know. We can live-stream it on Twitch.
  3. While originally planned for a patch for the original Dungeon Defenders, it unfortunately doesn’t fit our current development schedules. Moreover, we have also cancelled that patch to continue to focus on Dungeon Defenders II and Dungeon Defenders Eternity. That's a big bummer!!!! Since I don't like DDE, which should be like DD2, it seems that DD1 was my first an last DD. (unless it becomes more like DD1) We'll see what the future brings.
  4. No drown kittens Hydrox (long time no chat btw). To touch on an earlier note, DDE is supposed to be like a stepping stone from DD to DD2. I don't recall ever reading that it was supposed to be a step forward. Hey man. Been a while indeed. We need to catch up soon ;) Well... I was in the impression (which they gave to me) that this was the improved version on DD1, and yes I was wrong. I don't mind. But what I do mind is that it takes so long for improvements. Well, we'll see if it will happen. I've got time. We should group up again with Acen etc. I have Twitch, so we can live-stream
  5. Hey dDace man, been a while ;) I'll buy the kitten from Trendy if they update/improve DD1 (and drown the kitten myself once I have it)
  6. [quote]The start of that sounds like what they tried to do with dde[/quote] In what way have they tried that? It's a complete new (beta)game as far as I know and nothing to do with DD1. Have played it, so I know a little what I'm talking about.
  7. I vote for a new DD1 (DD 1.5) with same gameplay/icons whatever, but without the bugs and cluttering code. Love to see the improvements as earlier suggested in the known threads. Also with all the maps released during the events. A new/improved game and extra maps as DLC as you did with DD1. Will buy it instantly on both of my accounts. But please, not like DDE! I don't hate DDE, but it's simply not my game. I like the "simplicity" of DD1. "What do you say Trendy?" (Not that you guys will read this post, but what the heck.)
  8. If you guys are going to play again, you know where to find me. ;) I actually was in the understanding that they would patch DD1, but it looks like they won't. I don't like DDE. Like I said before in a previous message (in another post), I'd rather paid for a patch then DDE. Hope to see you guys soon again.
  9. Will there be changes in DD1 or is it all about DDE now?
  10. Looking for second (traceable) Demise. Although the price in shops is 10 cubes, I'll pay you 11. IF its traceable.
  11. Fix bug so we can add more then 2 afk in someone elses game
  12. If you don't want to run it for that amount, don't reply. It's not that hard. Besides that. I go AFK. I can count afterwards how many runs have been done. You get 9 items per hero (have to check again) per round. Not really hard to do the math. So stopping for a break.... Why not?
  13. one cube = 6 coals right...?
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