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  1. you are correct on the fact that automation does repair defense on attack and that it causes proactive traps to reset. but if i am not mistaken, he uses automation for the tenacity effect, and if so, best suggestion is to change the shard out and use a tenacity mod instead on 10/10 C8.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwq267DD7gSQgh4t-l0K-ojCkqpk8IYTP Try looking at some vids and check your positioning of towers. This vids are at asc 300 ap5 from floors 57-65. I didnt recorded all maps cause i went afk in a few due to RL. Last thing i can offer is to show you but im on ps4, if you are not then it is not going to be posible. First couple of vids, at the end i show shards of heros used n talent allocation. There is other ways to do it and handle lanes, thats just how i did it.
  3. Slimes were meant for damage, not slow, when max gambit slimes and placed of to the side around the area described, they will start hitting mobs before they get into range of ramsters. My slimes were hitting for 1.5m crit which is a nice pre damage to when they get in range of ramsters, they get one or two shotted depending on amount of ramsters and level/floor.
  4. All those setups will work, but ppl keep forgeting range. The freeze towers when close to them, if you jave enough range n power, they should be dead before they reach your towers. When i use to rock only bees, always had to overbuild frost lanes, now i use ramsters with 1 slime in the middle of the ramsters range. No more worries. All my towers are max gambit. Ramster have deadly strikes, with mark or medallion at 22k plus upgraded, asc 210 minimum is enough to start floor 55.
  5. [[167299,users]] You mentioned 2m dps on skyguard, can you tell me how many points you have into gambit and slow in your talents?
  6. Like really, stop the bashing on each other, when i started playing it took me 2-2.5 hours per 3 map floors. Im now over 200 hours since, learned and improved by trial and error plus watching videos of different strategies and reading. 3 map floors take me an average of 60 min or under now. Im doing 1-2 floors a day, thats it, on weekends a little more, but still, had to put in major time to learn and improve myself, builds and strategies i was using. Knowledge is power, learn, read, practice and have fun with the game at your own pace. You cant always change the world to make your life easie
  7. Well, I bought 10 powerful def packs, I literally regretted it. Seriously, it would be so much worth buying the dryad shadow costume. I would be happy to purchase them if I actually get something rather than those disapointing dupes. Agree and disagree, yes i understand they need to make money, i would and have supported trendy but i will not gamble. Example i would buy a custome rather than packs. Knowing what im getting or where my money will go to i can do. I returned to play DD2 after more than 2 years, dropped 200$ and bought all heros and bags and a few costumes as well cause i Liked w
  8. Even without upgrading equipment, sometimes i get that bug, just un equip and equip back on. I think i read before someone stating that it happens often with the autoequip function, dunno how accurate that is.
  9. Wait until u see 3 of them and 1 is inmune to hero abilities. I stop camping spawn points cause of them, range is your friend.
  10. Theres no different strategy at play here. Unless you consider spending a lot more time for the same goal a strategy. AP is c1-floor 65. That will get you to the low 100's acension level. Then you will need to grind ~100 more acension. Every time you AP reset. One push to ~114 gets rid of the extra ascension grind forever. Why do you want to AP? AP by itself sucks, it doesnt scale, the only reason to do the AP grind at all is to do it alot of time and get your talent caps up. And by alot of time we are talking hundreds and hundreds of hours. IF you do AP with a high starting acension you wi
  11. I respect your opinion, different ppl see things from a different points of view. I enjoy c1-c7 grind for some reason more than floors. Thats why im doing a bunch of resets then pushing floors at a later time. Maybe ill push floors on this ap and see your point of view. Then i can speak from either sides of strategies and provide better feed back.
  12. That depends on play style and strategies used, none of my resets have take that long or even close to half of that. My highest reset was like 35 hours solo with asc 30 min (after my first reset). Maybe rng has something to do or not but c1-c7 takes me 4-5 hours, then grind c7 to 210, then floors 55-65. I have been able to do that starting on a thursday and reseting again on following tuesday. I reseted 2 days ago but have played for like 3 hours so far (less time on weekday to play for me) and i am at c5 already. I change gear every wave if upgrades drop. Saves time on runs to get to 6000 sco
  13. I see ap grind like a bank account, the more % u have upfront the less time will take you to reach your goal amount. Eventually i want to raise asc high to do floors, but have been grinding ap now to lower time it will take me to grind asc. Is a hit and miss, for example you can push as many floors now as you feel comfortable and then grind a few ap, then go back to floors and so on. My first reset i was 480 asc and did floor 66, which i found hard. So i reseted getting 30 min asc. I have been doing 1 reset per week since and i am now at ap 5. Every time i reset upgrading my shards cost a
  14. Nani? 3 maps floors, you know what i meant lol
  15. I didnt read anything about ap on op, endgame is onslaughter and that is what op mentioned. For experience players, 3 floors onslaughter takes an hour average, for players that are learning it takes longer. Op is not asking to lower difficulty, just to allow for better time management invested ingame, even willing to do 6 maps as long as he/she can see/feel progress to raise floors. Real life likes to interrupt gaming session from what I understood. Thank you for voicing your opinion op, hopefully trendy can bring a solution to your problem and many other players that have expressed the same.
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