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  1. Banned because I want to get 100 posts in this thread before I leave. Banned for leaving when you get 100 posts in this thread
  2. Banned for being so critical. Banned for not being critical
  3. Banned for joining the month after I did. Banned for not waiting to join in 2013
  4. Banned for using bad grammer. Banned for joining a month before 2013
  5. Banned for saying that was a lame ban. Banned for not saying it was a lame ban.
  6. Your banned for hating on xbox Banned for not realizing that I don't hate on Xbox
  7. Your banned cause i cant think of a reason to ban you You're banned because you couldn't think of a reason to ban the GhostofLight
  8. Banned for realizing those are evil words and also that there is no space.
  9. Banned for letting Reaper into the thread o awsomeness. You're banned for not wanting Reaper in the thread
  10. Banned for having 30 less than me. Banned for doing math
  11. Banned for not telling me how many posts you have in this thread. I have 44. Banned for not realizing I have less posts than you... I have 15
  12. Banned cause DD is cooler :cool:. Banned for stating an opinion.
  13. Banned Banned for not giving a good reason for banning starfox64_0 and Minecraft is awesome
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