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  1. My favorite character is the tavern keeper because he can fly a plane that uses duct tape to hold it together!
  2. Was just takin a second look at your stuff lol.. I could use those 106^ chain boots with 12 tower health.. I have a nice 109^ leather boots with all 4 towers (8,5,10,12)if your interested in swapping . Even though you may not need them lol Yeah that sounds good to me, just let me know the next time your online.
  3. well you told me to look and see if there was anything else I could use and Id like to try to get the 184 shaitan for lv 74 or the 107 soul focuser for lv 90 Sorry but I won't give those away, I am willing to trade them though.
  4. I think I have a couple, but they aren't the best pieces, only good for tower health if I remember right Do you have any that will max out tower health, preferably leather?
  5. Eyeofalpaca, Nah, guess I don't need them anymore. You want the leather gloves? If you do, shoot me a message on PSN. Probably will not be able to check PSN until tomorrow though. Yeah that would be awesome, just let me know the next time your online.
  6. Eyes PB LibraryMan nice one! I wouldn't mind getting that off of you, anything in particular you need? Or would want for it? Do you have any 115+ armor? Eye can I have the 118^ mail gloves? Psn jjh0116 Sorry but I traded them already, all items in the given away folder are no longer available. Still have the 198 crysknife? And what lvl is it for? Just msg me ingame. Psn is the same as forum name. I don't know which crysknife your referring to, I looked but didn't see a 198.
  7. New addition; just pulled it tonight while in a run with Malena2002. This is for level 78.
  8. WTT Max Out Leather Gloves (3 gloves)Dunno if this would benefit you or not.
  9. Yah fer sure man..U on now? Yeah give me a couple mins and I will invite you, your PSN is eyoeyoeyo right?
  10. I could use the 105 mail helm and 118 mail gloves.. I have a few items listed in this thread here: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?108799-Few-items-for-trade I got a couple more items of interest just not sure what you need I am interested in your 113 leather boots and 104 pristine boots. Let me know if that will work for you.
  11. What would you trade for the 248^ crysknife? Thanks again for that piece of armour. The 248 is a duped item, if you can use it you can have it. Glad the armor was useful for you.
  12. Eyes PB LibraryAre they for 83 or 90? Edit: yeah I see which ones your talking about. I sent an invite to thng1974
  13. Hey alpaca can I get that 101 huntress animus for 78? Sure no problem
  14. are you online send me a invite (spot1869) and they both are about the same to me so I don't care what one I have just so happy to get one that wont be upgraded for towers Sent invite
  15. hello what would you be looking 4 I would like to try to get one of the junbaos either the lv 74 with 144 up or the lv 78 with 142up You can have either one you want, just let me know. :)
  16. This is the accumulation that i have had occupying sub taverns for some time now. Some are left overs from the donation group, items I farmed myself, items I traded for, items that were given to me, and some from my PiC PoolShark2014 as well. These items are up for trade to those interested, besides the freebies which are stated below. If you have any requests or questions about anything please reply to this thread. I just took a screen shot of everything in the sub taverns, some known duped items that were given to me will be noticed. (They are not for trade, personal use only) *74&78 A
  17. (PS3) Does anyone still have a Defender Star and not the one with 68^I came across this one in my travels, I forget who I got it from
  18. Another gossamer, bummer. Was hoping we would get a pet for towers that any hero could use.
  19. I'm not interested in the shaitan, however I do have a max out th leather torso for trade. (i alrdy have one for my leather th set so it's an extra) I'd be willing to trade max out for max out. If interested drop me a line. GL Right on I will check and see if I have what your looking for.
  20. I pulled this myself this past weekend while in a run with Malena and BG. It has all four tower stats. I am looking for LVL 90 Leather armor that will max out tower health. Other than that feel free to make an offer. I will post a pic later this evening, watching the World Series! Go Cards!!!
  21. I need some armor pieces for 78 and 74 thanks Which pieces are you seeking?
  22. I have quite a bit of armor that I have picked up while farming for level 90 armor and armor that I have received from Poolshark2014. It has been just sitting in sub taverns for awhile now, I figured I would make a post offering it to those who could make good use of it. I'm not going to list each piece, those who are interested please reply with what type and whether it's DPS or Tower armor. I will then post some potentially useful pieces for you to choose from. Example: I am looking for: LVL 74 leather for Towers with 35^ or more LVL 78 pristine for DPS with 65^ or more My PSN is Eyeo
  23. This is the highest 83 plate armor I have. If you want any of them you can have them.
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