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  1. All prizes set and on their way to recipients. I have some random stuff left that is alright that I might give away casually over the next couple days!
  2. 24 Hours until winners will be announced. You have that much time to let me know if I forgot you in post one or even submit more entries.
  3. Alright, sorry for the delay. All will be updated with giveaway timetable when I awaken tomorrow. I just worked a 12 hour shift and must sleep now.(5am) I will also edit original post then too. Whats your yt name I didn't see a comment from you.
  4. Alright, so it looks like im going to close up everything at some point tomorrow. Get all your entries in! First post isn't 100% updated yet but I'm off to work for a few hours!
  5. Alright, just checked. One of my sets has a ++piece in it and I guess I forgot. Full tower capping leather ult set with a chest that has 37X hp 40X rate and 81X dmg (pre buff ofc) There is one drawback to this set, which is that I request you don't sell it, only give it away if you stop playing entirely. This was also the condition in which I received it.
  6. Whats your yt acct name? Just couldn't link a name to yours! [[31668,users]] quote: I'm totally okay with this. Glad to see another vet :B GL <3 Thanks! If you did say something let me know your yt so I can add you to the giveaway list!
  7. I think I added everyone in the first post for part 2. Let me know who/if I missed your yt name! Also, I'm working a lot of days 5pm est to 4-5am est so sorry for people who are only on then! Giveaway will probably be this weekend! Get your friends to increase your chances! Reminder: To be fair each player can only win 1 of the 5+ prizes/prize sets but additional entries still increases your chances! Each winner will get to pick their prize in the order they were drawn!
  8. Sleep. Updated everything. Still have free stuff for part one! Probably will be around tomorrow EST 12p-5p Add /message me. Too many people to remember all. If my friends list gets full again post here and Ill tidy it up. I just removed 15 or so. I may give priority to people who have done the part 2 stuff in the instance I get too many requests while at work/asleep.
  9. Alright, added everyone who added me and gave some things away! I might not be on until late tonight or tomorrow but feel free to add!
  10. Sync'd my steam so should be easier for people to add me now!
  11. Haha, I had no idea I had 1,440 posts. I guess it attests to how much I played this game. (too much :-P)
  12. WINNERS: 1. Sir Nova chose Rainmaker 2. Toradus chose Ult/Ult+ Dps set I forgot to list but added now. 3. Adydaking chose Radiations 4. Harry4550 -Odin's Mask or alternate random stuffs 4/5. WL Sein chose diamond set! 5/6: Atlas - Tower Set 6/7: Laronel Throne - Ecannon WInners must let me know what they want for their prize 24 hours after the person above them picks. (Winners also may see prizes to decide) Options: Ult tower set with a nice ult++ MY Rainmaker Ult Dps set Ult++ E-Cannon Armguards of Radiation Odin's Mask Set of 4 Eternia Shard Matching 1-2 Cap Diamonds. NEW NEW!!! 24 Hours left. Ending September 15th at noon EST. You have until then to let me know if I missed your name in the entries or even submit a few more. Good luck! After that the top people will need to pick their prizes. Winner 1 will need to do that asap, then 2 then 3 etc. I will give at least 24 hours from then for the winners to pick their prizes. NEW. Part 2 Info: So I have been playing some Magic: The Gathering. Addictive, like DD but with 100% more money sink. I am currently in a contest through youtube to win some free cards to ease my wallet. So I need whoever wants to subscribe to their channel and throw a like and response on my comment (EC-10) to help me win. Its currently a close race. YT accounts created after sept 8th are likely to be thrown out. If you do, shoot me a message on steam with your YT name and I will put your name in the running for part 2 of the giveaway. So Sub to the channel, like my comment and comment on my comment. Pretty simple! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdi6uOvhlZ0 These guys do giveaways all the time and they are great all around people, I recommend you check them out if you play MTG too. Can I get more entries into part 2? You can get your friends/relatives too if you would like and I will grant you additional entries. Just remember accounts made this week are not likely to count, so real accounts/people please! What are you giving away that is so great? Current plans have me giving away my Ult++ Ecannon, a very rare different (better) Rainmaker, Armguards of Radiation, Odins Mask. Some other things I cant recall at the moment. Do I need to do this for other free stuff? Nope! I am giving other great stuff away without any participation other than adding/joining. Original Info: Hey all, it's been a long time since I played DD and while I gave away a lot of stuff before I left.... I still have event items and ult and better gear laying around. I have something like 20 Vile Lord's Clutches (didn't count, could be more) along with some other stuff. Looking to give some stuff away to people who still play. I also am trying to win another contest which you can help me out with (takes 30 seconds) and helping me out will enter you to win some of the better stuff I have to give away. (Really rare/old event items) Put a message here if you want in, and then add/msg me on steam. Just so there is some sort of order to the chaos. EDIT: Add me and message me whenever if you want to get in on this! I work a lot but I will be on a few times a day. So far Pt 2 entries we have...... Yabbadabbadoo 2 Atlas 12 Acen Miss Mashka 2 Otter Darkness Sir Nova Awp WL Sein VeeToo CurtisGk Thats Crazy DJ Randyran thepoet gunnerq Arcama 3 adydaking 4 blizzard mkjo nhanks starfox cpfuzzy russman etheral gamer laronel throne 3 jemmajule viraL kirby aeroz hovertower 2000 sirpancakez nevalus marm teh aquahorse chronotide purepwnage21 Liquid Luck AcePoe toradus natuca nomen Message me if I missed your name in pt 2 on steam but I should have everyone!
  13. Haven't been around in ages. Buttttttttt this was my old solo time. Don't have all the pictures but it was about a year ago with someone togglespectate watching to confirm I was solo he and 2 afks came in for old one.
  14. EC-10

    Item Check Thread

    Is it a possible set, or not. And if so, why not. I'm starting to see a lot of bias lately, I liked the old item check where everything was possible or not. I only post saying things are hacked if I am certain they are hacked. There is no bias taken into account. Also particularly with Ult++ I hesitate on explaining the exact reason why things are hacked because hackers scour this thread for information. You say the way the thread used to be but have 2 posts on your account. If you have any further inquiries or questions feel free to pm me or add me and I would gladly assist but this thread is explicitly for item-checking. As for ++set Every last one is hacked.
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