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  1. Happy holidays! this community has been a nice place to be during not so nice world events. wish you all a 2021 for the better! ty for being welcoming and friendly. wish you all the best! Steam Community :: Sesar64
  2. thank you for putting me through this heck of a map, i had to go afk for some hours but thankfully build was still up when i got back https://steamcommunity.com/id/sesar64/
  3. its good for app, and has movespeed bonus
  4. Sesar64


    auction ended, thank you for participating
  5. Sesar64


    updated, and to clarify that chain is 81x
  6. Sesar64


    Hey guys ive decided to auction some of my spare ++ that i think some of you might have use for. Rates for coal are 1:8 and diamonds go 5/10/15 with a maximum of 40 coal. Celebracers - 90cv Pointys - 100 FP - 180 Ginger - 100 Butter - 120 Crackers - 60 I may accsept certain other events and ++ armour peices. Please msg me for pricing in those. C/O Plate: (needs even more love) Chain: (reserve still not reached) Pristine: 180 (PiisamiRotta) 195 corpse 210 piiamirotta End date is 17th June 23:59 pm (GMT+1)
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