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  1. I’m going to cry if this is hacked, give me some good news. Please Pretty Please. It is hacked. Don't trade with hackers...
  2. Hey, I would like this classic checked. Ty Hacked.
  3. Hi, i would like these items checked out for a friend thx in advance They are 99.999% hacked in fact. Mana value looks wrong to me, please check, thanks. Hacked.
  4. It's all Greek to me. Rate is pretty capped at ~2k for all builders. Worst rate scaling - if you can call it scaling since there is none - has the summoner. Last 2nd is EV's Buff Beam. The majority of the stats depends on the builder. So for Huntress it is: Range > HP/Rate > Damage but for Monk it is: Range > HP/Damage > Rate and for Squire it is: HP/Damage > Rate/Range Ofcourse just until certain points. If you reach them then you are usually upgrading damage stat. I've posted something about it somewhere. Can't find it right now ^^ You didn't read the post correctly.
  5. it's not about formulas, whenever i bother doing tests or improving my dps on builders i simply use the tavern muppet. Indeed for squire and apprentice, whenever i altered dmg and rate, dps fluctuated and best values were somewhere in the middle. However for summoner i tested several stat 'options' scaling from 1k to about 3k. General test method was : move the 985 points from dmg to rate and vice-versa. With and without buff beams, rate did not scale at all on the muppet, the rate was the same, 1.5x attacks / second for archer and 1x attacks / second for mage. I know what you mean, non
  6. I don't think anyone underestimates rate (especially for app and squire), it's just that dmg and hp scale better overall. Also you can beat a lot of maps without any app or squire towers so maybe that's why ... On a side note your example on archers made me do some tests on my summoner, i've played around with my stats a bit. The result is : there's absolutely no difference between 1.3k and 2.6k rate points (double !). And i might add there's a cap on rate at around 1.2k-1.3k points. After that the archers and mages get no extra speed bonus ... You didn't understand formulas. If damage i
  7. I had extracted full formula of tower, i.e. hp or detonation, damage, rate, range. I haven't found the formula to get actual rate from speed boost yet. Except that one, my work is perfect. I've been lazy for months, but now I decide to write the simple guide. It is tedious to deal with all of them, so I will deal with only dps aspect in this thread. Although it is simple, it still includes some calculation. The main reason for me to post this is that the most people just under-evaluate rate. Even for summoner, rate is not unimportant. Assuming your damage and rate stat is high enough
  8. well i bought them was kinda suspecious but that only came after i bought them cause when i returned to his shop he yust got new sets of armor etc. so im kinda upset they arent real but anyways yust a quick question wil i get banned if i use the 3 posible items or wil i still be posible for being banned if using them? and sorry about upgrades did that myself b4 i got suspisius of there legitimately I strongly recommend you not to use any items from him... Isn't it obvious that they are all hacked no matter they are possible?
  9. Can you item check this for me? Thanks in advance! LOL... Those all diamonds... Be reasonable.
  10. Personally I think the weapon is hacked. I've never seen an ultimate weapon have 999 on ANY stat. Unless it's hacked. BUT it is max upgraded so perhaps it was upgraded to 999. That is a possibility. This is not proper argument since 999 stat is possible.
  11. hay guys i got a freand that got this wep throw a load of trades can you check it plz http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198023972525/screenshots/ the perc is like 400 sry ????? Hacked. Why are you posting again.. It is crystal clear.
  12. Hi guys! New community member here. I'm really interested in this ult set, and would really appreciate a check. Thanks in advance! http://imgur.com/1sk9p71 -deegoo Ahaha.. Stupidly hacked.
  13. All stats passed even fully upgraded on my side. I think it's safe to say that this item is possible. It is hacked.
  14. Bump for a second opinion :P Judge cancelled. I'll recheck when I get time.
  15. ok i see where your'e comming from. I can tell by what your'e saying that yes they are possible just highly unlikely. There was a fair few of these on the tavern floor that others bought as well as myself. I did think yes they are very good maybe too good & i didn't know the guy before today hence why i posted them here to get checked. Haha... the possibility is less than just highly unlikely; if you have sea horse farming experience, you will catch at least three weird things. That's why I pointed out.
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