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  1. What server? We host the games, right? I'm not a networking guy, so this is all heresay. The way I understand is is that while you are hosting the game, a portion of the processing is done on Trendy's end and is why there is a cap.
  2. god that **** is vomit inducing. the novelty of eyefinity would wear off when I fried the circuitboards on my monitors with bile.
  3. what mission/mode are you running for 200 up weapons?
  4. Seriously these are the most obnoxious monsters I've faught in a video game in a long time.
  5. 50^ 700 base dmg ogre party hat from insane ogre crush.
  6. -No loot seems to be dropping from normal monsters -The challenge rewards are **** compared to insane UMF drops (50-60 up weapons? okay...) -Huge HP boost, but everything 1-shots you. -Huge hero dmg nerf, but tower dmg is very high Basically, rewards are **** and playing a hero spec seems pointless. Am I missing something or is this the jist of it from my first 5 missions or so.
  7. You are the 4508350 thread opened about this....AND if you read the patch notes its says its going to be fixed. Actually the patch notes say * Fixed a UMF enemy-stuck area I have personally seen a minimum of 3 different places mobs get stuck. If you take this note at face value, that means 2 of the spots I know of are not being fixed in the patch.
  8. projectiles and ranged damage. charge bonus is preferential, but I would suggest 30-40 as a bare minimum. if you're using a macro or the charge utility in the forums, 100+ charge bonus is ideal.
  9. Oh look, it's this thread again. try using the search function. in short, diminishing returns so you can't get 100% damage reduction.
  10. You posted the 7.13 patch discussion, but no patch notes to discuss. So watcha guys up to? Any bones you can throw us speculators? It's been more than 24 hours since the last patch I'm getting worried.
  11. I scrapped my apprentice completely for the adept, and know of others who have done the same? I mean, I'm all for the class I currently play getting stronger, but I don't really see the need as I see them as a superior choice to the apprentice in many situations already.
  12. Uh, scaling cost for repair? Would there be -any- reason whatsoever to play a normal apprentice if this were true?
  13. I'd prefer one with hero stats. I'm offering either 50+^ armor if your choice or mana (2billion currently) let me know what you have. steamcommunity.com/id/invasmani
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