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  1. Steam ID: Sharn Link to steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nirhael
  2. I might of done something wrong, but I started at wave 15 to make sure I would survive, it appears that in the far east side were the choppers spawn there are coming 2 ogres at onces which demolish my minion archers might of not placed it properly but I don't know, And NO it's not my gear since I currently run with my heroes at 1500 all stats, and some even over 2k all stats. Hopefully any of you guys could show me how to build it properly. its scaled to large on the DDplanner that I don't know were to exactly place it. Are you putting your Auras in the corner, completely at t
  3. it's probably because most people who play ME3 are manbabies, and most people who play DD are euros or are somewhat mature people. anyway, we should "host" a ask newbie questions thread for anyone to ask. would probably work out better for newer players in the long run. and for the OP, if you have more questions you should check out the stickies, they hold a compilation of information about the game Funny, a lot of "those" type of people I've met in public games seem to be jerks. Don't generalize, DD just has a better overall community than a lot of other games, regardless of national
  4. A Gladius goes up by 170-172, it's a bit messy but if you go with 170*upgrades-1 it'll work.
  5. Good to hear that it went well for you. All the reflectors are just there for choppers which just love to sit and fire from outside the auras given the chance. I like your change of adding the extra aura set too. I've been going back and forth between a single or double set there but personally hadnt found too much difference between them. I noticed that my Auras weren't even covering the north-western Crystal, that's why I decided to put up another set.
  6. Thank you for your answer. The reason I'm opposed to leeching is that I figure that it would spoil the match for other players, since one of the people who is supposed to help is instead sitting there soaking up the rewards without helping (and occupying a team slot whilst doing so). I am basing this on Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer etiquette though, I do not know if things are different in DunDef: I just don't want to come across as rude to other players. ^_^U Most players that have open games just expect people to upgrade/repair, or don't even expect anything at all. If you want, I'm su
  7. Took this build out for a spin, with some slight changes: Removed one of the Reflects from the Minions near the stump(since I don't even know what it's supposed to be for xD) and added another set of Auras at the north-west Crystal while moving down the one you had in your build for more coverage. The boss just... melted. I barely got a Hawk off before my Monk's Seahorse took it on a one-way acid trip. o.O Going to try it with four characters instead of two when I get some time, the build works very well though, never had any problem and easy to manage.
  8. It might've been due to the fact the other players were geared as DPS character, meaning they have decent Resists and are able to take more hits. I'm assuming that, since your Adept is your first character, he's a Tower builder and not meant for DPS/taking damage, which would be why you died so fast. If you don't want to "leech", then I recommend getting to level 74 first and then start farming some early Mythical gear, it's a pretty big jump from Godly stuff. It's not necessary for early-ish Insane Survival maps, but it definitely helps a lot.
  9. I really like the fact that you put a set of Minions+Auras down near the trunk, that way you don't have to set some Auras just for fighting the boss that may or may not get Djinn-ed out. Not to mention I'm the type of person that lags pretty badly when there's too much going around and having some Minions/Auras nearby to fall back to will definitely help. Fun fact: I'm in the 4k-5k stat range with a DPS Barbarian that has ~200m tavern DPS and still haven't broken through Akatiti due to the lag issue, sad isn't it? ~.~ Hopefully this build of yours will let me get through that stupid map
  10. Another little note: that can be a terrible thing if you've got 5 ogres backlogged on Misty who then go smash your archer walls to death. Trust me, I've had this experience. :P Need more dakka. ;P
  11. Just a little note: Gas Traps can sort of slow Ogres, having lots of Goblins and Orcs coughing can block their way. ;P
  12. Feel free to browse the guides but a lot are outdated, if you need something specific, try to find a thread in this section that may contain the information/advice you need and if that fails, feel free to post a new one. :)
  13. SID: Sharn SID Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nirhael
  14. As I recall, Goblin Copters come from four spots: The western spawn point, the southern spawn point, from the north just a tad east of the Crystal and from the waterfall at the east. Setting up your Reflects so they can block Copters coming from the waterfall will probably do the trick for you. :)
  15. I'm on console, so there no djinn on campaign.... So i couldn't upgrade anything because the mobs will target that area? What if i build a magic blockade and upgrade it to the fullest, do u think that will attract the spawned ogres? Because that is my main issue, in the later waves the ogres attack the platfoms i'm not on. I want to a mode to attract every mob. Ty for your help, i think pc players have more experiences with sky city. The comment about upgrades is only an issue with Djinn, since I'm pretty sure they don't spawn on Sky City at Insane anyway, feel free to upgrade everything to
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