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  1. is this still available 150 cubes
  2. I just want to say thx to all of the trendy team n event host for such a very great game on dd1 n events.
  3. Most memorable event was The Princess Quest. A very fun n chalenging map. I remember me n my sons was waiting a while for a host to be available n couldn't wait to play the map with others. Till this day both my kids play this map over n over again. Thx to the event team who designed this map.
  4. sid blacklucer http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074697524/
  5. Didn't know that rise was a duper.
  6. Who ever wants it just add me If u want to ic go ahead I got it from metal thrust who got it from johnno
  7. here is the screen shot of the trade
  8. I believe I gave this sparus to risesynthetic.
  9. What is the last number on the tower health is it a 666
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