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  1. Rollback completed for me, but I can't re-redeem my free apprentice costume now :/
  2. Is there going to be any confirmation of when the rollback is completed for players?
  3. Will another round of invites for testing be going out?
  4. Yea, burnout can be a big problem for companies, employees also need ideas to get excited about!
  5. I wasn't referring to trading cards, I was suggesting a card that could be used to trade loot drops from a map after it was completed :)
  6. This one line right here makes this idea just as bad as the current deck. It doesn't address the inequality and will in fact probably make it worse if you haven't unlocked these cards. Second I a m here to play DD2 a tower defense game not Hearthstone were I flip over or select cards to direct my game play style. I do not like this idea at all. Four was just an example to help explain the idea without being too drastically different from what people are used to now :) As far as balance or inequality, (without you listing specifics) Think of how a lot of people have a lot of frustrations ov
  7. It may take some time, but if It's fun & adds more to the game I'm all for it :)
  8. No one went for the 3 wave easy campaign maps for this?
  9. I was thinking about it for a while, and thought some really cool stuff could be done if the Hero Deck changed into more of a deck building aspect of the game, filled by players with cards they could unlock through challenges or level requirements with different heros. For example (using the same base 4 slots we have now) Imagine choosing the following cards: SquireHuntressBetsy (Gained by defeating Betsy on [X] difficulty, solo maybe?)Bomber (Gained by defeating [X] bombers before they're allowed to explode)I can easily picture something like this giving these kinds of bonuses: For having a
  10. The damage is very comparable to cannons and often eclipses them when you tally in the damage it actually pumps out to groups of mobs. Cannons also have a bad habit of all attacking the same enemy for a ridiculously inefficient overkill, while flameburst will still aoe other nearby enemies in the same situation.
  11. The further into end game you get the more important actually upgrading that gear becomes.
  12. It can be difficult to gear up my other characters because I rely so heavily on Squire for initial progression into harder difficulties. Because of this I thought it would be a good idea if the loot from the chest we get after completing a level is based on the character who opens it instead of the one who finished the last wave. Thoughts?
  13. Unless you're bringing in friends I don't really see people being allowed to just tag along in NM 4, since that will increase the difficulty for everyone else. Odds are those players will quickly get kicked.
  14. Currently a lot of gear drops with either stats or passives which conflict with each other. Can this be cleaned up so we can start getting more excited about drops? For example It's never fun to see a gear drop which has resistances listed in place of another stat, or seeing Passives like Hearty Blockade on gear that has Hero Attack/Ability Power.Huntress Dart Tower could use some love. Any chance for a means to 'camouflage' these towers so they can be used in more creative locations where their damage can be maximized without towers directly targeting them?
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