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  1. I will try to inform as many players as possible in the game and i will also try to take a look in the report a player. hope these things stops. Thanks for the answers once again :)
  2. Dungeon Defender should make trade windows a bit easier, instead of only putting 12bil each time, they should do, so we can put 100bil in one trade window, this will stop a lot of scamming.
  3. there must be a rule for scammer. If we can proof that he scammed us, then why not bann them for 1 month or 2.
  4. Well thanks for the answers and that is sad, that idiots like these ruining game for people who spend a week to get 24bil..
  5. oh my mistake, sry. so i got kicked *
  6. can he not get a bann or something? there must be something DD can do to guys like these.
  7. Hello DD. Today i was in a shop. He was selling mk2 for 50bil. I said to him that he must put mk2 in the tird trade window and he agreed. First i gave 12bil twice and on the tird trade i putted 12bil more mana and then i said to him, that he must put mk2 in, and he said in the next trade, but i didnt wont to confirm the tird trade, so i got kicked. I have pictures of the situation, but i dont know how to upload them. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
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