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  1. Hi, I was just wondering why the Eternian Energy Cannon is so sought after. All of the ultimate ones that I have seen have stats lower than the Pawn Shot, yet they are consistently valuated at more than 200% the value of Pawn Shots with better stats attached. Can anyone explain this to me? Is there a unique mechanic which I do not understand? Thanks.
  2. Jester = High Utility, High Durability, Low(er) damage. -> Scales less effectively than Huntress with hero damage, does not have the steroids that monks have. -> Has similar hero health scaling to a barbarian. -> Quickest cast time. -> Quickest movement speed. -> Wheel o' Fortuna is excellent; all-heal tower + allies is incredibly strong, esp. for solo, buff allies is a weak steroid but applies to everyone for long(ish) duration and has an extremely small mana cost.
  3. Hiyo. So I've been playing for about two weeks now, and everything has been fine. Quick to join games, games don't drop, etc. However, starting yesterday, it's been taking a long time to join games and some games simply time-out. Steam also seems to drop me a lot more when I'm playing DD. My internet is fine, since I usually have Skype running and that is uninterrupted. Has anyone else been having these issues? Is there any fix? Getting dropped on the last round of a match sucks. :( Thanks for any help.
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