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  1. When i got the esword eventitem named after me https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003120848/
  2. mkjo pls dont do this. think of all the good times we have had. Dont rob me when bidding on my first auction in over 2 years. 260 cubevalue
  3. do you accept magicite? i bid 2 celeb + 10 cubes.
  4. i dont want celebs, thats why i value them as crap. No eventitems at all from hosts. accepting all eventitems
  5. Not accepting eventitems from hosts. Not accepting labruns. Values: Diamonds 5/10/15 coal 1:6 celeb: 79cubes and 1coal magi: 110 RM: 160 reserve 100cubes 
  6. I already wrote him that I agree for B/O with New Patch Celebration. But B/O means instant transaction... And he is not responding.... If he will not respond for 24 hours I think it would be fair to let you bought it out instead of him. im not going to have my currency tied up for 24h so its all his since you agreed to his b/o.
  7. added bids too the 35 plate helm (sorry but it has to be done) and too the mail 301 up chest (further discusstion in PM with mo) Most likely Atherial will B/O this 14 items with traced New Patch Celebration... Too bad. i would have paid more
  8. OK have it your way ult+ plate helm (that is upgraded) i will bid 3 cubes ult 298 chain chest i will bid 3 cubes ult 320 chain boots i will bid 3 cubes ult 327 chain helm i will bid 2 cube ult 213 chain gloves i will bid 2 cube ilt 310 leather boots i will bid 2 cube ult 214 mail boots i will bid 3 cubes ult 301 mail shirt i will bid 7 cube ult 244 plate helm i will bid 3 cubes ult 332 plate boots i will bid 2 cube ult 402 plate gloves i will bid 7 cubes ult 403 plate shirt i will bid 15 cubes ult 315 plate helm i will bid 15 cubes ult 317 plate chest 2 cubes
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