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  1. I believe power is this most effective for this, but you can test around with the rate stat as well, I do about a 90%/10% split between the two Power/Rate.
  2. My game forces a crash, I just reboot up the game and rejoin my friends. I lowered all my ingame graphics to non-essientials and have been crash free since. So hopefully it will eventually be optimized so I can play on pretty mode, but no crashing works for me.
  3. I get the crash, all the time, regardless of parties or single play. In fact, i almost refuse to play by myself because at least if I crash while with friends I can rejoin.
  4. My CPU: AMD FX-4170 Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Asus Crosshair V Formula Z motherboard 16GB Ram Nvidia GeForce GTX 680, currently running most up-to-date driver.
  5. I've been dealing with this issue for months now, put in a ticket and awaiting to hopefully hear some resolution on this issue. It has been a week since I've been updated since they told me they were looking into it. Hoping to find a fix before Series EV launch tomorrow, I've come here to find some answers. The game has been uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I have also done a system restore on my computer to see if there were any issues there. I've tried updating my graphics drivers and lowering them to previous versions with no luck there. Here is the error I'm presented with, e
  6. In regards to the tower stats? I saw that earlier today too, but after a wave or two, my info properly reflected the stats for the builder's towers. Not sure what is causing that, but seems harmless enough for now.
  7. With the incursions they're adding, I can see the change of pace quickly opening up wide. They had some pretty cool ideas in the last influence report on the homepage. Not to mention the feedback they've received on the current incursion will probably see to some awesome changes. I just don't see the random map being a terrific idea in that if you wanted to play another map to stop the grind, then pick a different map. Again, I realize this is limited by the amount of maps open for all game modes.
  8. Lots of crashes lately involving squire builds for ramparts incursions. I know they're aware and working on it. It's just one of the devils of the pre-alpha phase that will be worked out in time.
  9. I'm not sure, game seems to be running fine. However my sister recently got a laptop with windows 8, granted it being standard, out of the box from the store, it's definitely not a gaming pc of any sorts. That being said I still figured it could run DDII just fine, but it doesn't. I'm not an IT guru by any means, so I have no idea what causes it to run fine for me, but not for her, or unfortunately, in this case.. you. D: Hope to see you in game soon sir. Edit: Maybe try tech support forum?
  10. Right now, I think the reason the same maps that are picked is general user preference. While a "random" map would be something, I'm not quite sure what that something would be. The only reason to incorporate such a feature would be if there were some sort of bonus to choosing a random map, and even then... not sure what kind of bonus would be justifiable from a map that you didn't necessarily "want". Not to mention, with incursions.. only two maps are available. Though, more will be brought in the future as will the difficulties.
  11. Update: Found one friend. Wee! Also, my friend allowed me to to get my huntress to level 10.. focused on her hero damage so I can be helpful to most anyone. More friends are welcome. One can never have too few friends.
  12. I play the game alone, or with a few friends assuming we're ever online at the time. I'm looking for some new friends, that would like to play together. I can play any class you need me to, not having made it to far on the solo campaign myself. Message me here or steam. IDs are the same.
  13. Given that Dungeon Defenders in it's primary release was a tower defense game, I doubt they are going to simply overlook the cooperative game mode. This should the the focus of their development in my, and many other players opinions. The MOBA is going to be a lot of fun to play, and I'm looking forward to it. However that being said I will be spending the vast majority of my time playing the cooperative mode. I have faith in Trendy to not overlook this aspect of their game, after all.. it is what has allowed them to continue into the future, and it wouldn't be a sequel to the original with
  14. That could definitely be something they could look into, copy cat characters so that not only one is valid to fill the role. And with 24 heroes upon release with more to come there after I can almost see this being an almost undeniable outcome, to some extent at least.
  15. I've completed The Deeper Well through Glitterhelm on NMHC Survivalist and achieved Victory. I've also done NMHC City in the Cliffs (Campaign Victory, 21 best wave on survival) Just wondering what else I need to do, that I've not done to get the Bounty Hunter Jetpack Skin.
  16. With the new heroes being added into the lineup, each with their own unique towers and/or abilities; I wonder what that means for the diversity in Cooperative game play. For instance, currently for most NMHC runs I use the line up of Monk, Huntress, Summoner, Series EV... and this gets me through most if not every map I run (mostly due to gear checks on maps I can't complete). Will the same hold true for DDII, will certain heroes be phased out as new heroes are released? It's not that I mind, because odds are I will eventually own every champion, and hopefully get them "maxed out" to so
  17. With the release of the Cooperative game play, piled onto the already existing overload of excitement for the full release of this game, later this year or potentially early next year. I've decided to go ahead and have myself Cryo-frozen until then. I'm doing this otherwise, I may implode.
  18. Odds are, even if it does air live, it will mostly likely also be recorded and uploaded. I can't see them not uploading for for those of us that can't make it to the "official release" time.
  19. I'll be honest with you all, when I was told about the DD2 announcement I didn't believe it, simply because I'd been talking about what I would do if I were to try and make a sequel myself. I fell back on the idea of telling the story of what the parent heroes were doing while they were off in this "far away place". Little did I know a week later here comes the DD2 announcement, and even though it was the adult heroes, our little tykes did grow up so it made me a bit happy on the inside to see that time transition. Also, once I went to the site and watched the trailer, I got a bit over exci
  20. I don't know about that, seems a bit more polished in my opinion. You have to keep in mind this is a very much zoomed out view of the game, unless your always playing with the summoner's overlord. I like that there is a background image for the open maps. Gives me a sense of placement rather than wondering how this giant floating castle got here in the first place.
  21. Because, without him, my NMHC runs would be a pain and a half, I will too vote for the summoner.
  22. I think the system should work that in coop you only have the default heroes from the original dd and make all other heroes have to be earned/bought regardless of the rotation which in this case would only apply to competitive. Agreed, seems about the only logical thinking behind the hero rotation. I mean, I guess you could hack your way at leveling them as they rotated out for cooperative, but that would just end up becoming a hassle and don't let me get started on the rage it would induce from someone having all their gear on a hero that was rotated out. MOBA: Free Champion Rotation wi
  23. Whether steam, playverse, direct download, of a fifteen mile hike through treacherous Amazonian Jungle with a 200 pound monkey on my back, I will find this game upon release and play it until I explode from a fun overload.
  24. I agree entirely, while the two entities should be held under the same roof, I believe that a firm split between the levels they are housed on should be present. I would gladly pay the DLC and character fees just as before for the Co-Op. However, if it's anything like other MOBA scales with how much I'd be paying for characters then I may have to pick and choose which I'm actually going for. lol Something else I wondered, is if they have a "cash and mana" system where you can use either to unlock characters.. I wonder just how much mana it would cost given how easy it was to come by in the
  25. As many of the players here, I am very excited for the announce of Dungeon Defenders II. While my past time of beating ogres senseless will be severely missed as we proceed to the future, I can not help but be slightly cautious about some of the information released with the announce of the continuation of our beloved Dungeon Defenders. I'm all down for the MOBA element to the game, not only because I'm a fan of League of Legends but also because I'm all down for anything that brings new content and diversity in the fan base to Dungeon Defenders. I'm ready to see a fresh start, relearn the
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