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  1. I'm not sure if they're actual caps but they might as well be. Bracers for reasons I don't know will never get the same stats masks and hats are capable of. 350 (after Upgrades) is rare for a Bracer but pretty common for masks/hats.
  2. What Simian said is correct. Unless it's changed since the last time I got a godly. :P
  3. There would be multiple reasons behind why no one seems interested. The first one being this hasn't been up very long. Secondly, the way it's worded makes it sound like you'll get stuck in a hierarchy with you at the top telling everyone what to do. Overall, it doesn't seem very appealing when you don't get anything out of it.
  4. You can get one by beating all the original challenges on NMHC but aside from that, you have to trade to get more.
  5. Personally, I'd say to not even bother with Pawn shots. For the Jester, try to find a good classic from boss rush and the huntess/ranger would be best with a blaster. If at all possible try and get into a NM Tinkerer's labrum since from my experience, over half the drops are ult.
  6. Gonna pipe in here for a sec, I was one of the new people playing the game. I read the "how to not get kicked" guide and honestly, that guide made me scared of ever joining a public game or even playing anything but solo. Thankfully, my son (12yo) played with a few good hosts that really helped him and actually friended him. Granted, I was always stressing on him, "be part of the team, upgrade, repair, don't loot". His experience with the community softened my entrance and led to me meeting so many great people here and in several Steam DD Groups. As for hosting. I've actually never kicked a
  7. Utter nonsense here. When I play a map that I know I can solo, I'm more open to opening my game up for randoms. But when a random comes in, level 100, high stats, etc... And can't repair, upgrade, or even stay active for the game, there's no reason not to kick him. And sitting there explaining the basics of multiplayer gameplay and being helpful is too time consuming. If they're that young that they can't understand, "Hey, maybe I should repair this since it's about to fall." then they obviously won't learn when you tell them. A few weeks back, I had someone join. He was fairly new, asked
  8. Well, in reply to that I can say two things. The first being that I am by know means enraged and my only objective when commenting here is to explain it from a hosts point of view. Secondly, judging from your description, I'd go as far as to say I was the host you speak of considering I remember your name.
  9. In reply to most of the concerns stated, the issue at hand still doesn't seem to be understood. While there are some who kick for reasons out of laziness, the majority are due to a lack of players knowledge. Once again I suggest Dreamn's guide. 3k stats means very little. I constantly get flooded by people who have 3k hero damage but lack everything else. Damage is pointless if you die and this effect is only amplified on Tinkerer's Lab(The map I normally rub.) even on my jester which has 90% resistances and 500k health, I can still die relatively quickly when I leave the setup. There's also
  10. Steam's a (insert profanity here) All you can do is restart and try again.
  11. As a person who constantly hosts games, I can say that the players who join really need to find Dreamn's guide.(Apologies if name is misspelt.) I always host high end maps such as Tinkerer's lab or Winter Wonderland and keep the minimum level at 90. Even then, I'm still flooded by people who have gear that would only be able to do maps like sky city if they had a great build. The issue is the lack of people understanding what they can and can't do. Since I use controllers and can hence use four characters, I only want people who can lessen the burden of upgrading as I can solo every map. You'v
  12. iiSkillz

    Item Check Thread

    price check May I inform you that this is not a price check thread. The only objective of this thread is to tell if a piece of gear is hacked or possible. Please create a thread in the trading section for price checks.
  13. iiSkillz

    Item Check Thread

    I wasn't intending to have them posted. A lot of people go off the idea that if they don't have it, it's not possible. Also, it looks clear to me but that's irrelevant now.
  14. iiSkillz

    Item Check Thread

    A check on this would be nice. Please only comment if you know the limitations.
  15. iiSkillz

    Item Check Thread

    please check this out: Looks possible to me. Ult++ can spawn with stats over 800 so a genie like this is perfectly possible.
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