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  1. guess what? When i click into 1 post which has a lot of auction item pictures, 50mb of my 3g gone ... Therefore, Im hoping for a mobile version of the forum for sellers or buyers to check how the market has changed everyday... or what is the newest c/o ... thanks
  2. This is a known trade bug, however Trendy cannot restore your items. I have lost items in this as well, only advice is never trade when tavern is laggy. So this is what they do? They neither recover your item nor fix the bug okay trendy, you win
  3. People Involved(SID) : Kaivy, Max Glenhill Time : 12:50 PM Australia time We were trading a green cube (Kaivy) for a set of Trans and Ult mixed armor (Max Glenhill)this afternoon (Australia time). Unfortunately, Steam suddenly disconnected, so it took us roughly about 2-3 minutes to get back on dungeon defenders. However, when I (Kaivy) connect to Max Glenhill's server, it was really laggy, so I quit and attempted to join in again. The server was less laggy this time, so we initiated trade, stored our items in and clicked confirm. Just as the trading screen disappears and we opened
  4. I have only seen 2 DPS jester so far... There are so many different opinions about DPS Jester Some people say Jester should be tower build Some people say Jester is the best ranged DPS Some people say Jester is the worst DPS since she doesnt have any boost (e.g. Hero boost) Some people say Jester is a class that is ONLY for trolling other people Therefore, when i try to sum things up, it does not make any sense Im currently playing ranged monkM and I'm thinking that if Jester beats Monk overall, I might switch mains Thus, please sum things up a little for me? Mainly base o
  5. how am i gonna scale weapons in auctions then.... sigh.... so sparus is still second best atm? how about eternia? I searched and everyone said its only for melee. cant i use it ranged? is it gonna be lower damage than a 22k if i force it to go ranged?
  6. I've seen a few Wrench over 77k but never sparus over 30k So... how come everyone says sparus is the second best and e-spear is first?
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