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  1. I've got lots from drops. Never new they were worth anything i always vendored
  2. yes. will steam or trendy do anything? probably not. Unlike MMOs and similar games you dont agree to a terms of service or user end agreement before playing dungeon defenders so there really aren't any rules when playing online.
  3. hackers are calling them selves out on the forums now? is that allowed lol
  4. i dont even bother with a " dps " summoner but i do have a summoner " Tank " 3K HP 2.7K Flash Heal with the genie/monkey combo. summoners suck at dps so i see no point in assembling dps armor insteed i got armor with max hp, good flash heal, and good resistsdidn't bother with dps summoner, yet you made one?
  5. I recommend a DPS summoner. I made a DPS jester the other day and got it geared. Well not so much wrong with the class but after doing some farming I realized about 90% of the drops for jester are weapons. If you don't mind that, alright, whatever. Plus, i mean people are always saying pets will out dps the hero in nightmare right? Oh, and if you need a hero just for boss killing: make a hawk stance barbarian and a hero buff monk combo.
  6. so yea, pet quality is affected by HC but not by Pure strat/mix modewell, you cant have HC in pure strat so pets from HC survival aren't the same as pure strat right??
  7. Closer...It has to do with the Cube...this is 2deep4me
  8. It's great to hear that there are few if any disconnects on our end. Still, it would be nice if you guys got NO disconnections at all.There needs to be some leeway between client and server. If there's just a couple seconds of interruption it kicks the player out. There should be a "Connection interrupted. Disconnecting in: [seconds]"
  9. So my 999 is ruined then.. ADFASGAG$FASDFASVSADFASCSFAFA LAME So why hasn't this been fixed yet?because "the devs have moved on to bigger and better things" it truly is ridiculous.
  10. Yep, I noticed it when i first fully up'd an item lol
  11. 872 you stop. This is only effected by if you are Off-host. People can't grasp the fact that it doesn't matter if you unequip it or not. It's host based.do other gear types have this "rollover" effect when up'ing?
  12. so basically when up'ing ult++ when should u stop?
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