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  1. Magus quarter is so easy, even if you host a public game with 4 players. You can probably drop better gear with hardcore survival ( no rifted) with this setup. https://builds.dundef.com/?build/2004-rifted-non-rifted-wave-23-start-no-fusion-defenses-required-for-rifted/
  2. I did it once to like wave 22 just with gear that i dropped from campaign from first two maps + from ongoing waves from mines... like was replacing gear every 2 waves. Also a tip for alch lab.. you should switch to squire for last wave and tank him near crystal, so he doesnt charge for towers or get out of view for DSt.
  3. Ancient mines survival hardcore. And once you beat Alchemical lab, you can afk farm on magus quarters pure strategy, wave 1-25 then 23-25 few times, that would be enough to farm gear to be able to complete nm campaign. https://builds.dundef.com/?build/834-magus-quarters-pure-strategy-afk/ I managed to completed alch lab with this setup. https://builds.dundef.com/?build/2019-normal-or-hardcore-rifted-solo/
  4. Tested it on waves and like on video on dummy. He attacks but doesn't deal any damage. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/reborn409/video/129095448
  5. Is there any way to force wave start as host? It's really annoying to wait for other people who just afk... If there is currently not any way to do that maybe you can add is to RS or maybe as menu entry?
  6. It's really annoying to reset stats when you press LS by accident on controler.. It's happens sometimes when I use LS to navigate... Or at least there should be a confirmation dialog to reset all stats.
  7. Javito

    Update 1.3 Preview

    Best change ever.
  8. But you might trade with others and give them items then instant logout to don't trigger save.. This is at least issue in diablo 3 with local save that 3 weeks after season start 80% top players run with perfect gear.
  9. Is Xbox save stored on servers like pc version or save is stored on console hard drive? I plan to buy Xbox version of DDA but only if this is server side save to avoid any "cheaters" who will duplicate gear and gold.
  10. Hi, I'm going to make a dd2 planner this month :) Expect working beta version in next weeks. Only problem may be to get good quality mini maps.
  11. It's not an issue with your computer, it's an issue with the map itself. No it's not only with map, I have all maps same issue ;)
  12. Ok Thanks. I tried play on my second pc, but same issue.
  13. I play pure strategy most times, can't kill it that way. Second thing; I can't wait 2 minutes every wave, 1st. It's boring, 2nd. Lose half exp of bonus wave time because of it.
  14. Hello, is any fix for my problem? I have this every map(survival mode), that last enemy won't move from spawn point, and because of it I lose tons of exp because of extreme long wave time. There is the screenshoot. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=119160488 My system Windows 7 64bit. Radeon 6670HD AMD A8-3500 4x2.9ghz 4GB RAM
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