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  1. Lots of games on Steam contains different launchers and extra DRM. I don't really like it when a game ships with extra lameness like UPlay titles on Steam or the extra launcher to download the Defiance game. I think Dungeon Defenders II will likely hit Steam so TrendyEnt can reach a bigger audience while keeping it crossplatform with the rest by utilizing PlayVerse. Imagine a PC player playing off Steam, a Mac user who got it from the App Store and throw in some tablet users with Android, iOS or even Windows 8 RT. Gonna be awesome if they can pull it off.
  2. I support the request of adding support for fullscreen windowed mode. Most modern PC titles support this and i know that some of the Unreal Engine 3 based games i have played like Blacklight Retribution supports that as well as DirectX 11 but all i care about is the windowed fullscreen option.
  3. Not even sure if they can make this game run smooth enough on the aging Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 but i read that both the next Xbox and the Playstation 4 will utilize PC hardware so there might be a port in the future perhaps? I know Sony got some F2P titles on PS3 already while the only F2P title on Xbox 360 is Happy Wars. Only thing that would stop the Trendy devs would be the expensive dev kits they would need to purchase first. :(
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