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  1. please ic :D this piece is very fishy.. it passes in the xlsx on the first page of ic thread but i still think its fishy by the fact that the mana value MIGHT be wrong (not a pro) and the ups are exact to cap maybe the hacker wanted it to exactly cap... i suggest u wait for a real checker though.
  2. Check please. [SPOILER][/SPOILER] Tanks. passed
  3. well now its 2 mega-chickens i gta sat
  4. mine is pink and i named (her) Big Momma XD
  5. Hey all the forum pros.. can anyone do a table of the post count and the title? like i know 100 is defender-in-training and that 250 is seasoned defender can anyone do a table of this for me plz and thanks in advance :D.
  6. yeah i have around 2.1k range nd im lagging alot now and then... they should really fix this.
  7. i actually got an ult armor piece from this map on like wave 31 from a chest! LOTS AND LOTS of trans... but i still prefer kings game.
  8. why aren't my things being checked lol funny how these items r on ddmana.com lol
  9. Need ic for auction. [SPOILER][/SPOILER] passed
  10. please ic ty for ic :D hacked
  11. Can please check: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?95359-Item-Check-Thread&p=887548&viewfull=1[[4064,hashtags]] Tanks. possible Need to check this?http://gyazo.com/350ae2339c4c16f6d6fafddfff89c7f7 possible
  12. Looking for a second opinion on this, thanks again. not 100% sure but i say possible
  13. Need all this armor checked for auction please. Thanks in advance. possible
  14. All passed? What kind of spreadsheet are you using to pass that? The set looks extremely fishy to the max by just looking at it... Oddly upgraded resists, extremely similar stats/upgrade levels and to top it off... every single piece has the same category of stats. o sry i put the ups in wrong.. the pieces r definitely hacked with these ups
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