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  1. I have the same problem similar to you. It was diagnosed as a network issue on myself. Was never able to fix it months ago. Good luck, and please update if you do find a way. I had some brief fix removing my graphics card utility applications for like 3-4 games before I couldn't play again. Your logs should be in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Logs". It's been a while since i've bothered to troubleshoot.
  2. If people want to be a necromancer, diablo 3 is letting you do that.
  3. Glad you're back with us, see you in Etheria. It's back again :\ haven't played in 2-3 weeks Most recent log https://pastebin.com/BvDR08Dz Image of Startup List http://imgur.com/HXCnRvS
  4. Wow, I can't believe it. I was using AVG for months playing that game - then it kicked me off with my above error. 3 months of no play finding every possible fix in dead threads... and a complete un-install of the anti virus was all I needed. (I had only turned it off instead of completely removing it). It works great. Thanks!
  5. Problem has persisted for about 3-4 months. Every now and then I browse through this forum looking for any fixes... but to no avail. I've tried verifying steam cache, resetting router, putting a preferred DNS google server, all ports are opened, firewalls disabled. Everything short of a reformat..? It takes me like 25 minutes to get pass the loading screen where you skip the cinematic. Then when it tries to connect with the playverse - it eventually says cannot authenticate with steam. Try again? But there is no "Yes or No" button, and the game just gets stuck there forcing me to end the proce
  6. NM4 = mid chaos 3 gear. First you need the new shards. Do C0/C1. C1 shield minions make it so only a few defenses are useful. Monk polesmash for goblin siege. Get some ascensions - first 60 are most influential and impactful. C2 -c3 will be a pain in the ass since emp orcs and anti projectile geode. A lot of the towers get pigeonholed and you only have a few choices as a result of direct counters. As a result, it's more of reading strategy here - or trial and error on your own part.
  7. Has anyone tried a full computer reformat? Uninstalling or changing configurations doesn't usually fix these connection server problems that keep popping up for ppl.
  8. I've sent in a ticket a few weeks ago. No words back from that yet. The methods for trouble shooting don't even work for me as I cannot produce the logs they are asking for (the files don't generate). Maybe they're working on it - maybe they aren't. I haven't seen anyone successfully have a fix for it other than getting lucky with config files or plugging directly into the router instead of over WiFi. In any case, Overwatch is $20 off right now and it's the anniversary event. I was pretty hopeful this patch too but i'm not gonna bother trying to fix the successfully authenticate with steam p
  9. Still getting the below. Reinstalling doesn't work. No ports are restricted. Deleting files and verifying game cache doesn't change anything. Default settings on Binaries/DunDefConfig.application doesn't work It just does this for an hour before it gets lucky and then opens up the game. Then just gets stuck logging into playverse, then fails and says something about failure to steam authentication and freezes. (21:50:31:585)Log: UOnlineSubsystemPlayVerse::Init (21:50:31:585)Log: Before init PV_Conn (21:50:31:585)EventServer: PVEventsServer::Initialize ParentConnection (21:59:17:610)Log: PV_OnI
  10. It always seemed to me that the campaign was most of the the game, and entering c1 was just the late game - where the game begins to slow down and become the grind. Hence the huge difficulty curve from hard/incursion to c1 that most people have trouble with. The journey is really in the 1-50. And c2-c7 are just the end game for people that feel like progressing that far. That being said, all those costs you described as well as the difficulty of the breakthrough into c1 result in the slow grind (which i feel like they want to happen - aka slow progression in which you have to decide between 1
  11. oh ive noticed crit is super not good right now. I meant that I tacked on the crit damage shard. I have the shard and i have no reason to NOT use it. it probably wont proc 9/10 tiimes but every once in a while i get a truck hit just for tacking the shard on with no loss of stats on my part for doing it. Oh didn't read too close, you are using defense power on everything. That's good. The crit isn't too necessary - but if you can put your stuff down and it doesn't take damage, speed > crit damage> health for the secondary relic stats. The crits will give you a nice boost in damage every
  12. Ramsters are quite fun, but you won't be using them for c7 either :( if you aren't killing fast enough, they will get divebombed emp'ed. A reason why so many people use no hp flame auras and weapon manufacturers.
  13. so if im reading this right. even though I have level 50 gear, my gear is still on the low end of the spectrum? so their is a disparity between level 50 gear im getting now and level 50 gear i will get just grinding harbinger? thats a horribly obtuse and terrible system. i knew that i wouldnt get better gear until i had better gear, but i figured that only mattered for the level of gear dropping. for instance if i had sub 46 gear on, id just get level 46 gear that would upgrade to level 50 gear, but i figured that the gear drops capped out and i would have to go into chaos to get anything bet
  14. flamethrowers:1369 power with 500+ minors in speed and crit Pdts: 1438 power with 500+ minors in health and crit auras: 1381 power with 500+ minors in speed and health walls: 1326 health with 500+ minors in speed and crit and a 34% boost shard of course i hope those numbers mean something to you I might as well address everything. The difficulty curve is actually quite unreal. Especially if you compound it with knowledge you don't get from trolling the forums and learning everything. There's no walkthrough/mechanics guide (they're trying to simply things come 5/23 and maybe when this gets o
  15. "Im ascension 8 btw" Don't run crit right now. If you have 8, thats a 3/3/2 ascension split, which means you have only 10%base+2ascension+15%shard crit for 27% total crit. The ramifications of running lower than 33% cap crit: poor crit rng + low atk speed (because you don't have c5+ defense speed) = no damage for a few seconds = mobs will pile up and destroy already weak walls. Walls at c1 are just automatically weak - nothing you can do. The game scales exponentially in stats, so 100k to 150k health walls is hard to achieve than 3.5 million to 4 million health walls. Defense crit damage (D
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