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  1. Yeah, for me thats a motivation Killer aswell. Was hyped for the Carnival and now i hate it. Decisions Trendy, decisions.... u done it wrong.
  2. Still not reverted the armored cleanser bow nerf, disappointed.... No motivation to play =/
  3. For what is the influence vote anyway? The community can make zero decisions... "Oh look Guys, which color should the Forge be? Purple or red? " Such decision, much influence, wow colors.... Riot! Till we get our Cleanser back!
  4. Cleanser Nerf, wtf? Noone was crying and the bow might be abit overpowered. But it was fun and this nerf killed the fun! )=
  5. "4.5k return every 40% " sounds on paper better. Can Black Arrow roll on every piece of Gear or only Weapons?
  6. I didnt tested it yet, but with the right gear (DP/DH+passives) a squire can build good walls and good ballistas. With DC you can forget about ballistas. DP/DH gear combined with a Sword( Impalling Cutter: Sploody Harpoon/ Speedy Harpoon/Black Arrow [i actually got one of this, but 600ipwr] ) + Trinket(Speedy Harpoon/Hearty Blockade) I miss a view DP/DH Hearty gears, but i think the damage on these ballistas can be badass with these passives.
  7. Thank you I_PASS_BUTTER for looking into this! Congrats to that pet dream ;_;
  8. No anger from my side. iam just sustained about my interests. And abit dissapointed about the activity from trendy on this forum. Would you like me to check into this for you? I can go spawn a bazillion golden eggs and see what hatches if you like Edit: It appears as though the only things coming out of the golden eggs atm are the pets listed in the hatchery. So yes those pets you listed are not available currently as far as I can tell. Sure I can make just about any pet golden with some cheats, but legitimately gaining them is a whole nother story. I don't know why they were taken out
  9. No anger from my side. iam just sustained about my interests. And abit dissapointed about the activity from trendy on this forum.
  10. So since i got no answer in the other Thread and in general discussion, i open a new one for the pure purpose of this topic. I know there was a change for the golden eggs and some of the gold specific pets got removed without any reason. Pets i know that are missing in the gold eggs are:  Golden Madwick Golden Pixiebell Golden Helicatter (image below) So you removed them on purpose or was it a mistake?
  11. Being ignored is on of the worst things... @ iamisom I_PASS_BUTTER Dont you know anything? )=
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