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  1. when will this auction end?
  2. morning bump and the auction will end sunday
  3. hello dd'ers Just got this from akatiti (my first ulti++ sparus) and i dont have a casting jester so can not utilize this. not too sure on the interest in these so ill just try my luck i guess. coal only auction C/O : 20 coal betto9000 good luck dd'ing AUCTION OVER NO MORE INTEREST
  4. auction over. ill add the winners and if you can add me that will help too
  5. auction over. ive added you beorn
  6. c/o updated ending in 12 hours
  7. morning bump and ends sunday
  8. Acc #3 3 cubes Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk ahh already has 5 cubes on it
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