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  1. Are you looking for a home to speak with fellow Defenders? Come join us on the official Dungeon Defenders II Discord "The Social Tavern". Need help getting set up? Read below! 1. Discord comes in many ways. You can either use the Web app, download the software to your PC/Mac OR connect via the Mobile app. 2. If you want to connect via the web app (not recommended at this time), you'll just click the invite link and it'll take you to a landing page to sign-up and then you can connect via the invite link posted below. 3. If you're wanting to download the software, download here. 4. Now that you've chosen your method of connecting to the Discord, all you need is an invite link. HERE YA GO: https://discord.me/dd2 If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE POST BELOW!
  2. Don't know if your PC and internet can make the cut? Ask here! Are you lagging when you stream? Ask here! Have some other livestream question?! ASK HERE!
  3. We want to support our streaming community, please feel free to post your Twitch or Youtube below!
  4. Thanks everyone for the support so far! I really hope to see y'all during the event :D
  5. This year, Trendy Entertainment and The Casters Guild are working together to raise money for the 7th annual Extra Life Charity Event. So, what is Extra Life? In short, Extra Life is a 24-hour streaming event where gamers around the globe participate in to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospital of their choice. From board games to and video games, gamers play it all to raise MILLIONS and help those who are fighting their own battle. For the full story, please click the link above! Overall, Extra Life is a wonderful community based event and TE+TCG are very excited to join in on the fun. More details will be given out later, but in the mean time, check out our Extra Life Team page to join and/or donate to one of our streamers . OH and if you're curious, we WILL be doing giveaways, so make sure to keep your eyes open for our announcement blog in the future giving you more details. F.A.Q.When is the event? The official event begins Saturday, November 7th 8:00am EDT Who will be participating? Below is a schedule for our event and those participating. Please note that all streaming will be done on the TrendyEnt Twitch Channel. Schedule (Eastern Daylight Time): Saturday, November 7th 8:00am to 11:00am - Argick11:00am to 2:00pm - Elandrian2:00pm to 5:00pm - djbouti_dan5:00pm to 8:00pm - IamIsom8:00pm to 11:00pm - VictoryofthepplSunday, November 8th) 11:00pm to 2:00am - Kiraeyl 2:00am to 5:00am - TBD5:00am to 8:00am - DarkpythonHow exactly can I participate? You can either participate by donating, joining the team and raising money, or sharing our page to friends and family....or all of the above. There are numerous ways to participate and spread the word! I am new to Extra Life, how do I donate? Choose a streamer of your choice, click the donate button and BOOM! You've donated! To make it easier, in the schedule above, we've linked each streamers individual Extra Life page. Will there be giveaways? Yes! There will be, but how they will work out has not be determined. Please check our future blog post for more details.
  6. Are you bored? Look no further for your fun for the day, myself and other streamers will be playing Dungeon Defenders II AND giving away some codes and gems for the game :O So if you have absolutely nothing to do today, lets hang :D >> Stream << Join Kiraeyl , Kraith88 , PhoenixHydra, and djbouti_dan in their streams as they help power level!
  7. Due to Kiraeyl winning last weeks Wildcard vote, she is ineligible to be voted for this week. I posted a new link to vote with. If you voted previously, please revote!
  8. What's up Defenders of Etheria! It’s finally Week 3 of The Caster Games. Below are the updated totals and our Top 3 for this week is Petire50, Kraith88, and Syclic. Click their name for a VOD of Week 2’s Monk Challenge.(for a breakdown of scores, check here): Petire50 - 190Kraith88 - 151 Syclic - 149 Elandrian - 139Kiraeyl - 134djbouti_dan - 102PhoenixHydra - 74VitamiinB - 74Victoryoftheppl - 69 For this weeks challenge, it’s on to the elusive and cunning Huntress. As before, they’ll start from level 1 and get through as many levels on their chosen difficulty. For all the rules pertaining to The Caster Games, check this blog post. To know when they'll be doing their Week 3 challenge, check The Casters Guild Twitch Team for the schedule. Wildcard vote: Last week, we put up a survey asking who you thought should gain extra points for their best effort during the Week 1 challenge. The community voted and its look like Kiraeyl is our winner and gets 15 bonus points added to her total! (These bonus points have been reflected in their total above). Click here to vote for Week 2's community Wildcard. The voting ends 6/9 @ 12:00 AM EDT and the results will be posted in next weeks The Caster Games forum post.
  9. Hello Defenders!, What an exciting start to The Caster Games! To kick off week two, here are the current point totals of participants in The Caster Games with a link to their VOD (for a breakdown of scores, check here): Kraith88 - 90Petire50 - 90VitamiinB - 74Elandrian - 66djbouti_dan - 63Syclic - 46Kiraeyl - 44PhoenixHydra - 34Piggyteehee - 30Victoryoftheppl - 25This week, participates will be challenged to use a fresh Monk to fly through as many levels as possible on Normal or Hard difficulty. Who do you think will top this weeks challenge? For all the rules pertaining to The Caster Games, check this blog post. To know when they'll be doing their Week 2 challenge, check The Casters Guild Twitch Team for the schedule. Wildcard vote: As stated in the rules, the TE Community is given the chance to throw bonus points to one of the participants after the weekly challenge is completed. Think one of the participates was a few determined kobolds away from victory? Vote for them! The reasoning is completely up to you. The voting ends 6/1 @ 12:00 AM EDT and the results will be posted in next weeks The Caster Games forum post.
  10. I sucked it up so bad with squire D:
  11. I made an oops while editing the Casters Guild application. If you see your Twitch name below, please send me a message via the forums with 1) Your Twitch (so I can cross-reference) and 2) your email address. It's important I have email addresses! Thanks! If you're interested in applying for the Casters Guild, please see this blog post! ElandrianRoyadinpsomaster437FattychewstickKennokRebelwade12Canoness1NitschmannMattthebattDarkendMatterSantaCruZ3r
  12. Velvet Assassin Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
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